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DEMENTIA THE DISEASE THAT FORGETS What is dementia? Decline of mental ability - both cognitive (thinking) and functional (movement) 44,400,000 people with dementia worldwide over the age of 65 800,000 people in the UK TYPES DEGENERATIVE NON-DEGENERATIVE (gets worse over time) (vascular dementia) Alzheimer's disease "Mini strokes" Disturbed sleep Mood changes Memory loss SYMPTOMS Impaired vision Losing track of time/place Losing yourself in conversations and forgetting words Hesitation/inability in simple tasks BLOOD SUPPLY TO THE BRAIN LACK OF WHY? Dying or damaged brain cells, a result of: FLUID BUILD-UP BETWEEN THE BRAIN AND ITS LINING AGEING VITAMIN DEFICIENCY (treatable with supplements) LONG-TERM EXCESSIVE NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE ALCOHOL INTAKE (Parkinson's) PRESSURE ON THE BRAIN (from a tumour) HEAD INJURY (treated through surgery) INFECTION (AIDS) AN OUTLOOK B-vitamins antioxidants crosswords chess games fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) puzzles SUPPORT- NOW THE FUTURE? medication to reduce stem cells & symptoms gene therapy cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) dementia vaccine aromatherapy and reminiscence therapy Join the conversation: O @HandleMyHealth Manage your treatment and wellbeing #HMHDISCOVERY at #Dementia #DAW2014 #DementiaFriends share: 8MIAMI Bupporting You Prom Diacovery To Racovery Sources: Alzheimers Society UK | MentalHealth UK| Rethink UK Mental Health Foundation


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Let's raise awareness about Dementia and help people recognise the symptoms at the onset.


Handle My Health


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