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Delayed Sleep Phase

WHAT IS DELAYED SLEEP? 401 402 400 399 Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) is believed to be a disorder of the body's internal clock - the circadian rhythm. DSPS sufferers have difficulty falling asleep and waking as their circadian rhythm is out of synch with regular sleeping and waking times i.e. sleeping at night and waking in the morning. 8:00AR What are the symptoms? People with DSPS are unable to fall asleep until the early hours of the morning. This can cause reduced sleep hours as a result of having early morning commitments such as school or work. Morning tiredness and lethargy can be experienced and rising energy levels occur only in the afternoon and evenings. What are DSPS may be caused by an inability of the body to reset the sleep/wake cycle in response to environmental time cues such as - light and darkness (morning and night). the impacts? DAYTIME REDUCED PRODUCTIVITY SLEEPINESS DEPRESSION & SAFETY INSOMNIA RISKS How is DSPS treated? The most important external indicator to help keep your body synchronised with sleeping at night and waking in the morning is light. Administering bright light in the early morning will help an individual to sleep earlier at night and increase energy in the morning. Why Re-Timer? Re-Timer provides a specialised green light, proven through research to successfully shift sleep and wake cycles. Wear Re-Timer for 30 – 50 min- utes in the morning to sleep earlier at night. Re-Timer is portable, allowing you to make breakfast and get ready for work - all while treating DSPS. Support your use of Re-Timer with good sleep hygiene habits: • Consistent bed time and wake time (including weekends) • Ensure your surroundings are dark in the evening (dim lights) • Avoid technology 1 hour before bed • Avoid stimulants like cigarettes, coffee and alcohol in the evenings. Learn more at RE-TIMER BY NC ND

Delayed Sleep Phase

shared by laurafalls on Oct 28
Difficulty falling asleep may be the result of a delayed body clock (or circadian rhythm). Known as Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) this infographic outlines the facts, impacts and treatment for a...


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