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Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams

Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams HOW DID GETTING GOOD SLEEP BECOME SO PROBLEMATIC? LACH OF SLEEP CAUSES 20% of all car accidents 27% more likely to gain weight with 6 hours of sleep 73% more likely to gain weight with 5 hours of sleep 10x more risk of developing depression The invention of the light bulb. We no longer live life by natural day and night cycles. Insomnia is Latin for "no sleep" SLEEPING AID PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED A YEAR Acute Insomnia lasts one to several nights 59 M 59 M 60 M 56 M 53 M 48 M Chronic Insomnia lasts months to years C 50% Over 50% of adults experience symptoms of insomnia 15% Up to 15% of adults say they have chronic insomnia 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 FOODS THAT ARE DISAUPTIVE TO GOO SLEEP W Coffee stimulant with up to 200 mg of caffeine 74% people drink 13% Sugary Snacks impacts your blood sugar levels Spicy Foods heartburn and indigestion people drink a caffeinated beverage on a workday Chocolate contains up to 30 mg of caffeine more than 6 caffeinated beverages on a workday BENEFITS OF SLEEP ALCOHOL AND SLEEP Alcoholics can experience hallucinations, tremors, fever, and rapid heartbeat Non-REM sleep is greatly reduced (REM sleep is deep and restorative) 28% of people with insomnia use alcohol to sleep Sharpen attention span Improve mood and happiness Improve memory Improve stamina during sports and exercise Lower stress and blood pressure levels More likely to wake up in the middle of the night "Nightcap" - interferes with neurotransmitters in the brain Reduce inflammation and risk for heart disease Reduces natural growth hormone and recovery ability Support healthy weight HOW MUCH SLEEP DO WE REALLY NEED? Newborns Infants Toddlers Children Teens Adults 12-18 HOURS 14-15HOURS 12-14 HOURS 10-11HOURS 8-9 HOURS 7-9 HOURS THE SECRET TO SOUND SLEEP Make sure your mattress and pillow is comfortable. Not too firm or too soft. Block out annoying sounds with white noise - like a fan. Read a book that does not require a lot of thought. Turn off all electronics before bed. TVs, laptops, and cellphones all stimulate the brain. Take a warm shower or bath to promote relaxation. A lot on your mind? Unwind by writing your thoughts down on paper. Establish a bedtime routine and Focus on breathing deeply - IN and OUT stick to it throughout the week. Brought to you by: EuONatural INS MNIA EUNATURAL.COM INSOMNIANATURALSLEEP.COM Sources: NATIONAL SLEEP FOUNDATION CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION IMS HEALTH ALCOHOL RESEARCH & HEALTH WEBMD

Deep Sleep & Sweet Dreams

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How did getting good sleep become so problematic? Check out this animated infographic about sleep.




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