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Decorating & House-Work: The Calorie Killers

Decorating & House-Work: The Calorie Killers Got no time for a daily workout at the gym? No worries! Recent studies found that doing household chores for 2 hours and 30 minutes a day is a great way to shed off some unwanted weight and burn extra calories. You can lose as many as 315 calories an hour without leaving the comforts of your own home! • Things to Remember • As with any other workout, the more effort you put in, the greater the benefit. Housework isn't a good form of cardio. You might still need to do some cardio exercises to strengthen your heart and lungs. If you want to improve the shape and tone of a specific part of your body, you should concentrate more on chores that will help. For example, dusting, mopping and sweeping helps keep your arms in good shape. More energetic housework like decorating helps burn more calories Housework Versus Workout 315 143 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED 30 mins of Digging 45 mins of Cycling (30 mins of Washing the Car 32 mins of Yoga 285 130 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED (30 mins of Climbing the Stairs 19.5 mins of Skipping 30 mins of Making Beds 12 mins of Jogging 225 125 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED 30 mins of Raking Leaves 37 mins of Ice Skating 30 mins of Cleaning Windows 21mins of Power Yoga; 220 115 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED 30 mins of Scrubbing the Bath 45 mins of Ballroom Dancing 30 mins of Weeding 13 mins of Weight Training 190 110 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED 30 mins of Carrying Shopping Bags 40 mins of golf 30 mins of Shelving the Groceries 18 mins of badminton 160 105 CALORIES CALORIES BURNED BURNED 30 mins of Painting & Decorating 25 mins of walking (30 mins of Loading the Dishwasher 30 mins of Light Stretching Top 5 Indoor Housework That Burn Calories Most in an hour Tips on Burning Calories with Housework Walking up and down the stairs 516.3 cal This will burn off a McDonalds Big Mac Burger! Mopping Floors Rub harder on the furniture by using polish in a tin instead of a spray. 193.7 cal Avoid piling things at the bottom of the stairs; take each of them upstairs as many times as you can. Hoovering 193.7 cal When you're ironing, keep the laundry basket on the floor instead of having it up on a table so you will have to constantly bend and stretch in reaching the clothes. Cleaning windows 180.3 cal Keep yourself from preparing instant food from the microwave oven. Instead, peel, chop, stir, whisk and beat all you want to burn more calories. Dusting 173.6 cal Turn up your favorite song while cleaning, to help motivate yourself. BROUGHT TO REFERENCES: YOU BY: shape.html

Decorating & House-Work: The Calorie Killers

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Housework is a cheaper and more productive way to burn loads of calories. Cleaning and decorating a home is a good way to worn-out, we found out the best activities to do for the maximum work-out.


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