Debunking Marijuana Myths

DEBUNKING Marijuana Myths Marijuana does not affect intelligence: MYTH Heavy marijuana use in teens can cause up to an 8-point drop in lIQ Teenage usage is declining: 3,287 teens try marijuana for the first time every day. MYTH 3,287 Marijuana use doesn't affect crime rates: 40% of adult males test positive for marijuana after an arrest. 40%+ MYTH Driving under the influence of marijuana is not driving impaired: After alcohol, marijuana is the second-leading cause of fatal car accidents. MYTH Marijuana is not addictive: I in II users become addicted to MYTH marijuana. Marijuana users don't need rehab: 17% of all rehab admissions are for marijuana addictions, counting for more addictions than any other drug after alcohol. MYTH 17% 62% COCAINE Marijuana is not a gateway drug: In adults 26 or older who began using marijuana before the age of 15: *62% went on to use cocaine. 9% went on to use heroin •54% abused prescription drugs. 9% HEROIN MYTH PRESCRIPTION DRUGS Marijuana has no ill health effects: Marijuana raises heart rate for up to three hours after use, increasing the risk of heart attack. MYTH MIRAMAR GETTING WEL ÝING WELL linfographics/marijuana-use-educational-outcomes tional-statistics.html nt-statistics BX

Debunking Marijuana Myths

shared by Fusion360-2 on Nov 28
Marijuana enthusiasts bellow that the many “facts” anti-legalization activists lean on are mere “myths”. With drug rehab centers opening their doors to record numbers of marijuana abusers, res...


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