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Death – Information Is Beautiful

20th Century Death selected major causes Rheumatic 25m Other Heart Hyper- tension Other 19m 27m 2nd Chinese (1945-49) Ethiopia (1974-92) Falls WHOOPING COUGH 38m Abortion 39m Sepsis 10m MEASLES 1st Chinese 5m (1928-37) HEALTH Road traffic 97m im Nigeria (1966-70) Ischemic heart disease O Dengue 2.5m Fires MENINGITIS 31m 60m MATERNAL COMPLICATIONS 22m Civil wars 20m BIRTH Hypertensive CONDITIONS DEFECTS DIARRHEA 278m 64m 226m WWI 66m 68m 540m Russian 917-22) 51m Hemmarhage 18m 2m Spina Bifida TROPICAL DISEASES l6m 2m Down syndrome CARDIOVASCULAR Soviet - Afghanistan (1979-89) 5m Obstructed labor ACCIDENTS DISEASES Poisonings 35m Korea RABIES 298m (1950-3) 7m Chronic obstructive pulmonary Inflammatory 30m 1,246m WAR 131m Protein PERINATAL Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) Vietnam War 32m CONDITIONS disease (1965-73) 155m INFECTIOUS Asthma 18m (COPD) Drownings 39m NUTRITIONAL SMALLPOX 200m DEFICIENCIES WWI 400m DISEASES 59m Iran-Iraq (1980-88) Others 8m 37m Air crashes 1,680m Stroke Vitamin A HIVAIDS 3m Birth asphyxia 94m 12.5m 410m Iron 6.5m Illegal drugs Other 61m 17m Tobacco DIABETES 100m RESPIRATORY GENITO- 73m DISEASE HEPATITIS B&C URINARY DISEASES 63m 274m ESO- PHAGEAL 19m Other cardio- vascular 178m DRUGS 33m HUMANIT Y Seasonal flu 36m 115m LUNG 93m 10m Epilepsy MOUTH BLADDER 24m RESPIRATORY 13m am Depression 980m Chlamydia Other 32m STDS 1m UTERNE Ba'athism 9m Alcohol 485m 22m (Saddam Hussein) 2m Schizophrenia STOMACH Catholicism 3m (condom edicts) TETANUS 37m "Spanish flu" pandemic (1918-19) 40m 64m Syphillis 1óm NEURO MENTAL ILLNESS Alzheimers & dementia 29m COLORECTAL AIR POLLUTION 116M 47m 82m MALARIA TUBERCULOSIS Conflicts waged by US inname of democracy (1945-99) Democracy 15m IDEOLOGY 194m 100m 14m 142m 7m Parkinsons SKIN 5m China 5m (1943) PROSTATE China (1958-62) 30m 20m Soviet Union CANCER 9m NON-COMMUNICABLE (1921-2) Multiple Sclerosis Afghanistan (1979-86) Japan óm Communism 94m Crocodiles 200,000 LIVER 46m 530m DISEASES 8m MUSCULOSKELETAL Fascism MURDER Suicide 89m 28m (excluding cancer) 15m Appendicitis Eastern Europe (post WW2) 177m THE NATURAL Snakes Bears INorth Korea 7.500 Homicide 58m WORLD 6m LEUKEMIA 1,970m 136m FAMINE 20m Nazi Germany (1933-45) 21m Soviet Union North Korea 3m (1995-99) ANIMALS DIGESTIVE ILLNESS PANCREATIC 10lm China 65m 7m 17m Cirrhosis of liver 20m Am Mengistu, Ethiopia Scorpions 0,5m East Pakistan/ Bangladesh 147m Jellyfish 3.400 (1975-78) (1971) 59m Volcanoes NATURAL DISASTERS OVARIAN genocide a Brazil- Indian genocide OTHERS 56m 10m double count 24m Nazi l6m (19o0) 30m Lions ENDOCRINE DISORDERS 18m EXTREME WEATHER Elephants 25,000 20m 50,000 Peptic ulcer m Yakubu Gowon, Baifra (1967-1970) LYMPHOMAS 25m Earthquakes 15m BREAST 36m 20m Khmer Rouge - Cambodia Lightning 25m CERVICAL 2m 5m SKIN DI SEASES (1975-1979) Rwanda (Apiluly 1994) Armenian genocide (1900 1903) 4m 18m This artwork was commissioned by the Wellcome Collection as a companion piece to the London exhibition: 'Death: A Self-Portrait - The Richard Harris Collection' (November 2012) sources: WHO Mortality Report & app, WHO Global Burden of Disease OECD mortality stats, British Medical Journal, our calcs. Some inevitable double-counting, broad estimation and ball-park figures. Concept, design, research: David McCandless lead research: Miriam Quick art direction: Kathryn Ariel Kay regression algorithm: Laurin Janes additional research: Ella Hollowood, Dan Hampson, Pearl Doughty-White, Andrew Key additional design: Tatjana Dubovina, Piero Zagami, Paulo Estriga data: all data: -.--....

Death – Information Is Beautiful

shared by tdubovina on Aug 02
This is a project I worked on with the team at Information Is Beautiful.


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