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A Day in the Life of an ER Nurse

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ER NURSE The average age of American nurses is 44.6 years. 43% of nurses grabbed something to eat while responding to patient needs. 7 out of 10 ER nurses have been 85% of emergency nurses experience at least one symptom of "compassion fatigue" during the week. verbally/physically assaulted while working. 50% of nurse's shifts exceed 10 hours, and 40% exceed 12 hours. About 30% of nurses in the U.S. are Emergency Nurses. 10.7 Only 13.3% of visits to the ER visits are made per every 25 Americans. ER actually result EMERGENCY in hospital ADMISSION admission OUTPATIENT Hospital ERs with more RNs per admission had lower mortality rates. 32 States require continuing education classes for annual nurse license renewal Patient 1: 70 year-old Male Chest Pains DISCHARGED 12:05PM Emergency nurses specialize inrapid assessment and treatment when every second counts, particularly during the initial phase of acute illness or trauma. Emergency nurses must juggle diverse tasks with professionalism, efficiency, and above all caring. Patient 2: Mid-60 year-old Female lifelong smoker with respiratory distress Patient 3: 42 year-old Female (mother of 2) Potential stroke Patient 4: 8 year-old Female Broken arm (fell off monkey bars) DISCHÅRGED 6:25PM Patient 5: 51 year-old Male Chest pain (mowing grass) Code ŠTEMI Patient 6: 85 year-old Female Nursing home patient with difficulty breathing & abdominal pains Ericka Harrison @zilla704 There is no typical day for a Nurse in the ER. They are the front doorto heathcare. About 30% of nurses in the U.S. are Emergency Nurses. ER NURSE When I was in nursing school, I knew, without a doubt that ER nursing was in my future. I had worked in the EMS world for 12 years prior, so to me, it was a natural stepping stone. I did everything I was supposed to of my class, active in my program, and turned in nothing but my very best work. Emergency Nursing is everything nursing school doesn't prepare you for. Nursing school clinicals are a tightly controlled bubble, complete with neatly organized notebooks, freshly starched and creased scrubs, and plenty of time to think, rethink, and plan. I was at the top Emergency Rooms are "anything goes" as you could imagine, and probably more than your mind can dream. Years later, I'm still taken by surprise at the things and people who roll through our doors. There is no typical day in the ER, in fact the only sure bet in ER nursing is that no two days will ever be the same. It's definitely chaos, but it's what we are drawn to, and what we were born to do. SOURCES: Minority Nursing Statistics. www.minoritynü,2014 Hospitals Often a Place of Harm and Injury for Workers,,2014 "when i think about all the patients and their loved ones tthat i have worked with over the years, I know most of them don't remember me nor i them. But I do know that i gave a litle piece of myself to each of them and they to me and those threads make up the beautiful tapestry in my mind that is my career in nursing." Survey: Two Thirds of Nurses Lack Time to Eat Healthily,, 2013 Prevalance of SecondaryTraumatic StressAmon Emergency Nurses, Elvira Dominguez Gomez RN. BSN et all Emerican Nurses Association, 2009 Violence Against Nurses Working in USEmergency., 2009 Fastats: Emergency !, 2010 eartment, Examiningthe Effect of Nurse Work Hours. Inter Shift Recoyery,tatigue, and Sleep Debton Intent to Leave, Amy M. Manderscheid, 2008 Travis Stork Celebrity Doctor Joins MOLIVE Interview,,2 CELicensure Chart, 2014 --Donna wilk Cardillo, A Daybook for Beginning Nurses OLIVET CLICK HERE FOR NURSE HARRISON'S NAZARENE UNIVERSITY FULL 12 HOUR SHIFT DIARY

A Day in the Life of an ER Nurse

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There’s no such thing as an ordinary day at work when you’re an Emergency Room Nurse. About 30% of nurses in the U.S. are Emergency Nurses, who specialize in rapid assessment and treatment when ev...


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