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The Data of Diabetes

research Inow* THE DATA OF DIABETES (2 (3 Injecting insulin before every meal. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle of proper Testing blood sugar levels with a glucose monitor several times a day. diet and exercise. THESE ARE A FEW KEYS TO LIVINGA LONG LIFE WITH A NOTORIOUS AND POTENTIALLY DEBILITATING DISEASE ACCESS A FULL SPECTRUM OF PHYSICIANS, CAREGIVERS AND ADMINISTRATORS Pharmacist Podiatrist Primary Care Practi tion er Patient Caregiver Payer/Office Manager Parent Endoctinalogist Nurse Diet ician Educator • Diagnosed globally (U.S., UK, DE, FR, IT, SP): MILLION DIABETES IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY AFFLICTION 61.0 PEOPLE (U.S. ONLY) 300 MLLION • Undiagnosed globally (U.S., ŪK, DE, FR, IT, SP): MILLION living with diabetes worldwide 28.0 PEOPLE 11.8% 10.8% Percentage Percentage of all men of all women THERE IS NO GOOD TYPE OF DIABETES in the U.S. in the U.S. aged 20 aged 20 years or years or TYPE I DIABETES VS TYPE II DIABETES older have older have diabetes diabetes 10% 90% • Accounts for at least 10% of all cases of diabetes • Insulin dependent • Usually occurs in children or • Accounts for at least 90% of all cases of diabetes • Insulin & oral medications *Includes undiagnosed cases of diabetes • Usually occurs American Diabetes Association. after the age SOURCES: A. young adults of 40 Dlab nallon RESEARCH NOW CAN HELP YOU GAIN DEEPER INSIGHTS INTO DIABETES PRACTICES, TREATMENTS AND SENTIMENTS. O 2013 e-Rewaras, c. AN rights reserved Research Now" Diabetes Panel a global resource for creating in-depth insights on consumer ailments Now provides acess to over 2 millon deeply-profiled healthcare panelists, incuding 100+ ents and 200+ OTC and prescription drugs usage profiles. Our healthcare pane is also include hard-to-reach physicians, nurses, pharmacists, hosptal executives and administrators. We deliver onall facets of data collect on, including"sample only". programming, translations and coding. Total Available Approx. Max. Number of Deliverables at Targeted Audience Targetable Universe 70% Incidence in 5-7 Business Days Type I Diabetes 6J08 840 Type I| Diabetes 56194 7850 High Blood Pres sure 157570 22040 Opesity 92 961 13.000 Type I Diabetes 669 Type I| Diabetes 4.917 430 High Blood Pressure 10.953 1,510 Obesity 6769 930 Type I Diabetes 1.205 155 Type II Diabetes 7439 1,025 High Blood Pressure 18.779 1300 Obesity 11.948 820 Type I Diabetes 348 Type I| Diabetes 1098 High Blood Pressure 3.036 200 Obesity Type I Diabetes 1.836 339 25 Type II Dlabetes 689 55 High Blood Pressure 3071 200 Obesity 2006 125 Type I Diabetes 339 Type II Diabetes 689 55 High Blood Pressure 3.485 230 Obesity Type I Diabetes 1548 95 339 25 Type I| Diabetes 689 55 High Blood Pressure 2698 170 Obesity 2.513 160 Thee are propristarypanel counts Larger Nsi 2es are achievable withcustom soluiora provided by Resoarch Now Healthaare uponrequest. f ResewchNowUS research now y @Research NowuS For a quote contact us at 888-203-6245, email us at or visit in company/Research-Now BERMANY FRANCE KINGDOM INN vavnvɔ

The Data of Diabetes

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Research Now gives you some keys to living with Diabetes and also some data from our Diabetes Panel. Research Now, the leading digital data collection provider, powers market research insights. We ena...


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