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A Cup of Cold Water

Compassion Rekasing children from poverny A CUP OF COLD Lin Jesus' name WATER Matthew 10:42 NO ONE CAN SURVIVE WITHOUT WATER. 800 MILLION PEOPLE around the world do not have safe, clean water to drink. Every week, 30,000 PEOPLE 90 90ahs are among of those die because of unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. CHILDREN UNDER 5. THE WORST OFFENDERS? DIARRHEA 1.8 MILLION DEATHS EACH YEAR Simply washing hands with soap and water can prevent 600,000 dlarrhea-related deaths. TYPHOID 12 MILLION AFFECTED EACH YEAR This bacterlal Infection Is caused by Ingesting contaminated food or water. CHOLERA 120,000 CASES EACH YEAR This bacterlal Infection of the Intestinal tract can be prevented by safe drinking water, sanltation and good hyglene. PARASITES 200 MILLION INFECTED EACH YEAR Parasltes Infect people who swim or bathe in contaminated water, and can damage the liver, Intestines and bladder. THE JOURNEY TO WATER 3.7 MILES The average distance women and girls walk to collect water 40 LBS. Approximate weight of one full container of water In Africa alone, people spend 40 BILLION HOURS each year walking to collect water. DANGER On their walks they are at RISK OF HARASSMENT AND SEXUAL ASSAULT. Children who collect water MISS SCHOOL. WHAT IS COMPASSION'S SOLUTION? Since 2008, Compassion has invested $6 MILLION WATER in PROJECTS benefiting 650,000 PEOPLE in 23 COUNTRIES This has included WELLS and RESERVOIRS, which bring clean water closer to home. For Compassion, the primary solution to the need for safe water is Compassion Water of Life. Each in-home water filtration system provides 1 MILLION GALLONS of safe water. That's SAFE WATER FOR LIFE for an entire family. LIFE The filter removes CHOLERA, TYPHOID, E. COLI, AMOEBIC DYSENTERY and many other contaminants. Compassion The family doesn't just get a safe water system. They receive EDUCATION AND ONGOING SUPPORT. Compassion Water of Life is a game changer. A CUP OF COLD WATER FOR MILLIONS IN POVERTY. Matthew 10:42 WHICH ONE WOULD YOU SERVE TO YOUR FRIENDS? PROVIDE SAFE WATER FOR LIFE TODAY! SOURCES Compassion Rekusing children from poverry Lin Jesus' name http://www.who.Int/water_sanitation_heath/publications/factsTigures04/en/

A Cup of Cold Water

shared by g9ine on Jun 17
Created for World Water Day to promote Compassion's Water of Life initiative


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