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Creatine as Your Sports Supplement

CREATINE: YOUR SPORTS SUPPLEMENT! UNDERSTANDING CREATINE Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that is made up of three amino acids (L- Arginine, Glycine and L-Methionine) and our body is capable of producing it in the liver. CH3 HOH creatine It is stored in the major muscles including cardiac and skeletal tissues and provides quick energy to muscle as It is present in diet of people who eat meat (e.g. red meat and oily fish). However, creatine is degraded during cooking because of its heat labile nature. needed. Creatine should not be It maintains high level of ATP/ADP ratio in muscle. ATP is the energy molecule in the body that is used for muscle contraction. confused with Creatinine, which is a metabolite of it. N (CH,)-CH,-C - 0 N (CH,)-CH,-co HN - Ć он HN - Č NH- Creatine Creatinine Creatine is recommended for men and women alike. IS CREATINE THE BEST SPORTS SUPPLEMENT? According to the International Society of Sport Nutrition, creatine is currently the most effective supplement for increasing anaerobic capacity and lean body mass. It is an optimal choice for athletes and people who want to improve their performance in sports, exercise and gaining lean body mass. issn international society of sports nutrition It provides the following BENEFITS: 1 There is plethora of literature and evidence that shows that creatine provides advantage in intense weight workouts or high impact sports. 2 It aids in quick recovery of muscle and allows for the person to push harder. It has also shown benefits in activities requiring short bursts of energy like sprinting, football, rugby andd so on. Furthermore, it increases the lean body mass and improves body composition in people doing resistance training. 5 Supplementation with creatine has been shown to effectively prevent the lower limb degradation and a decrease in muscle power in elite soccer players. Creatine supplementation in postmenopausal women along with resistance training showed an increase in bone strength. Creatine inhibits the accumulation of fat and might have value in obesity related disorders. Creatine has been shown to be involved in myopathies, increasing testosterone levels and improved neurological performance. In short, the most popular reason for creatine supplementation are: To improve physical performance To prepare for a period of training or physical activity To recover from Used by UK-based British Army training or physical activity soldiers 4 RECOMMENDED FOR: MEN WOMEN ELDERLY MARTIAL FOOTBALL ARTS RUGBY SPRINT RUGBY BASEBALL TENNIS VOLLEYBALL BODYBUILDING MILITARY TRAINING HIGH INTENSITY | SHORT-BURST TRAINING CROSSFIT CLIMBING PARKOUR ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS OF CREATINE SUPPLEMENTATION? So far there are NO known side effects of creatine as long as it is taken as a supplement. As the name indicates, creatine is a supplement, so should only be added to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. A recent study on trained college athletes shows there were no detrimental effects liver or kidney even in long-term use. Excess creatine would add stress to kidneys that could lead to health problems like kidney failure or irreversible acute and chronic renal failure. In short, according to the International Society of Sports Nutrition and a few recent studies, the use of creatine as a supplement is safe and effective, when used within the established guidelines. WHO SHOULD NOT TAKE CREATINE AND WHY? KIDS UNDER 18YRS OF AGE They should avoid the use of creatine as they are still in growing phase and there is no telling how the use of creatine will impact the growing bones or the skeletal system in children. PREGNANT OR LACTATING WOMEN They should not use creatine supplementation at all since there have been no studies done on pregnant women and effect on fetus. And certainly there is no data to support any kind of effects on the baby as creatine will secrete through mother's milk to the infant. What is the best creatine formulation currently available? When should I take creatine, before or after workout? How much creatine should I take? All those questions are answered on: The Scrutinizer

Creatine as Your Sports Supplement

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Creatine is thought to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. Read Here:




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