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The Cost of Providing Drugs to the World

THE COST OF PROVIDING DRUGS TO THE WORLD The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is almost solely responsible for the research and development of new medications, including the drugs that never make it to market. Foreign countries are able to offer medications at a reduced rate due to a lack of hefty research and development costs. So while U.S. consumers have become accustomed to paying a higher price, our pharmaceutical companies are developing innovative drugs that help create a better health care system. Prescription Drugs account for 10% of U.S. health expenditures. What pills are Americans popping? 13% Antidepressants 17% Antibiotics 11% Vaccines 13% Opioids DID YOU KNOW? $983 is the average Americans pay for prescription drugs per year % of GDP spent on Health Expenditures I GDP 1% of Health Expenditures $15.94 TRILLION $12.61 TRILLIO $2.29 TRILLION $2.55 TRILLION $1.51 TRILL ON $1.43 TRILL ON U.S. FRANCE CANADA SPAIN RUSSIA CHINA $2.85 $2.65 $1.69 $1.37 $1.58 $6.57 TRILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION BILLION U.S. consumers pay 50-100% prescription drugs than any other country. more on DID YOU KNOW? ASTHMA INHALER Per Inhaler $175 FREE U.S. Consumer Price Britain Consumer Price GOUT MEDICATION Per Pill $4.90 $0.02 Saudi Arabia U.S. Consumer Price Consumer Price ANTIBIOTIC Per Pill ($13.15 $0.56 U.S. Consumer Price Belguim Consumer Price ALLERGY SPRAY Per Bottle $125 $4.90 U.S. Consumer Price Romania Consumer Price On average, research & development of drugs costs DID YOU KNOW? $225 Billion per year. The United States is the largest biopharmaceutical researcher in the world. 80% of Research & Development in U.S. 20% of Research & Development in rest of the world Cost of a newly developed drug in the U.S. $4 to $11 BILLION The companies that spend the most on R&D also create the most FDA-approved drugs. 1 Cost of R&D per drug I # of Drug Approvals in 10 years 13 APPROVALS 11 APPROVALS 10 APPROVALS $7.7 BILLION $5.2 BILLION $5.2 BILLION Johnson & Johnson GlaxoSmithKline Pfizer In 2012, 15 New Drugs were DID YOU approved and noted for their significant contributions to the health and quality of life of patients. KNOW? The 15 New Drugs that help aid in the fight against: Erivedge Xtanti Jakafi Myelofibrosis Voraxaze Chemotherapy Drug Skin Cancer Prostate Cancer $1,338 per $7,500 per month $4,400 per 28-day supply $10,020 per month dose Perjeta Breast Cancer Erwinaze Bosulif Stivarga Colorectal Cancer Acute Leukemia Chronic Lukemia $150,000 Full Treatment $9,350 for 28-day cycle $5,900 per month $5,644 per month Eylea Macular Degeneration $1,850 per dose Kalydeco Cystic Fibrosis Stribild Amyvid Alzheimer's Disease HIV $25,583 per month $2,375 per month $1,600 per dose Hemacord Menhibrix Meningitis Elelyso Gaucher Disease Blood Disorders $2,000 for harvesting $157,000 per $1,850 per case dose Medical advances of the past 60 years have resulted in the average life expectancy of men & women to increase by 9 & 10 years respectively. U.S. Consumers pay a high price for medications, however, this maintenance results in huge savings on other healthcare costs. DID YOU KNOW? Patients with conditions like diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure benefit from taking prescribed medications. SAVING $1,200 to $7,800 per patient annually 89,000 DEATHS PREVENTED BY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION 1 MILLION EMERGENCY VISITS PREVENTED BY DIABETES MEDICATION 5 YEARS OF SYMPTOMS PREVENTED BY ALZHEIMER'S MEDICATION THE WORLD DOESN'T PAY FOR PRESCRIPTIONS, AMERICANS DO. THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY HAS TAUGHT US ONE THING: The high cost of innovation leads to safer medications for the world. ClarityNay It is important to always use prescription medications as prescribed, if you or someone you know is abusing prescription medications, there is help avallable. NYTIMES I PHRMA.ORG I FDA.GOV I FORBESI PHARMALIVE.GOV ICBO.GOV I CIA.GOV I HUFFINGTON POST

The Cost of Providing Drugs to the World

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A look at the cost of prescription medications in the U.S. and around the world.


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