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The Cost of Obesity

$$$ THE COST of OBESITY• THE EPIDEMIC OBESITY IN AMERICA Obesity Defined In Adults: In Children: BMI at 95th percentile or more for BMI of 30 or more children of the same age and gender 35.7% 17%' 78 Million 12.5 Million Adults Children That's more Americans than the TX population of these three states combined. NY CA INCREASE OF OBESITY RATES: x2 х3 If obesity rates continue on their 2013 current trajectories, 44% of Americans will be obese by 1980 2030 Adults Children THE HUMAN COST 112, 000 Obesity-associated deaths each year in the United States. Children with obesity are 2X more likely than their non-obese peers to die before the age of 55." Overweight- and obesity-related conditions are the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States. More chronic conditions are linked to obesity than smoking, drinking or poverty. OBESITY INCREASES THE RISK OF OVER 20 CONDITIONS, INCLUDING: Sleep Apnea Coronary Heart Disease Stroke Respiratory Problems Liver and Gallbladder Type 2 Diabetes Disease Hypertension Endometrial and Colon Cancers Osteoarthritis THE FINANCIAL COST $152 BILLION Direct medical costs associated with obesity in 2009° DIRECT COSTS OF OBESITY INCLUDE: HEALTH CARE SERVICES MEDICAL TESTS DRUGS TO TREAT COMORBIDITIES In 2006, medical costs for obese people were $1.426 higher than people of healthy weight."º INDIRECT COSTS OF OBESITY INCLUDE:" VALUE OF LOST WORK INSURANCE PREMIUMS AND COMPENSATIONS LOWER WAGES Obesity-related absenteeism costs employers as much as $6.4 billion a year12 $30 BILLION The annual cost of obesity-related loss of productivity SAVING LIVES, SAVING MONEY Reducing the obesity rate by 5% could lead to these savings in health care costs: 18 5 Years $29.8 Billion 10 Years $158.1 Billion 20 Years $611.7 Billion This could pay down nearly 13% of the federal deficit.“ 15 OBESITY MAY BE PREVENTED BY: HEALTHY EATING PLANS SMALLER PORTION SIZES PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES TRACKING WEIGHT AND BODY MASS REDUCING TV, COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAME USE Interestingly, some games could help combat obesity: A recent study 16by researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services suggests that e-games like Dance Dance Revolution might be a useful alternative to traditional physical education for younger school children. From 2009 to 2011, some states and cities reported modest declines in childhood obesity rates after taking comprehensive action:" PHILADELPHIA -4.7% NEW YORK CITY -5.5% - Licensed day care centers to offer daily physical activity, limit screen time, set nutrition standards Created trust to offer fresh foods in corner stores and schools Brought supermarkets to underserved areas Created initiatives to help lower-income families buy local produce - Implemented school nutrition standards - Ensured farmers' markets could accept food stamps - Implemented school nutrition standards CALIFORNIA -1.1% MISSISSIPPI -13.3% Set nutritional standards for school Set nutritional standards for school snacks Prohibited sugar-sweetened beverages in high schools - Required localities to support walking and bicycling in transportation plans vending machines - Required more in-school physical activity, healthier foods, development of health education programs Promoted physical activity at child care centers Promoted healthy eating through worksite wellness programs, health fairs, school events PROGRAMS SAVING LIVES AND SAVING MONEY LET'S MOVEL Dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation - Educates parents about proper diet and exercise - Provides healthier foods to schools - Ensures families have access to healthy food - Helps kids become more physically active - Devoted to working with the private sector to solve the childhood obesity crisis Educates parents about exercise and healthy eating Promotes physical education through local clinics, schools and after-school programs Organizes Play Streets, a program that closes specific streets to traffic to create open spaces for physical activity PARTNERSHIP FR HEALTHIER AMERICA - Diverse group of individuals and organizations united to create innovative, practical strategies to combat obesity Identifies and breaks down cultural and systemic biases around obesity Redefines successful weight loss according to health rather than societal norms STOP ONERCOME NENT OBESITY ALLIANCE - Highlights research-based initiatives and technologies to improve prevention and care - Identifies, recommends and promotes innovations in health care deliver and financing BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Public Health is ROI School of Public Health & Health Services MPH@GW Save Lives, Save Money National Public Health Week April 1-7, 2013 THE GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY SOURCES: ' 2 3 Obesity-Related_risk.pdf 4 5 6 7 ® Heavy_Burden_Report.pdf ° 10 11 12 13 14 15 http alth/health-topics/topics/obe/prevention.html 16 17 ------- II ------

The Cost of Obesity

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In an effort to support this year’s NPHW theme, “Public Health is ROI: Save Lives, Save Money” MPH@GW has created an infographic, “The Cost of Obesity” with statistics that highlight obesity...




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