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The Cost of Healthcare for the Uninsured

THE COOT OF HEALTHCARE FOR THE UN NSURED Labs and clinics across the country are helping individuals and families without health insurance get the medical attention they need. UNDERSTANDING THE HEALTHCARE PENALTY WITHOUT HEALTHCARE COVERAGE, EXPECT TO PAY: In 2016, the fee rises to 2.5% TAX $325 per per year of income and $695 per person $162.50 per under 18 of your yearly household income that lands above 2% the tax-filing threshold THE ANATOMY OF HEALTHCARE COSTS EYES THE COSTLY CARE $114 Basic eye exam $196 Eyeglasses $200 Contact lens fitting exam AFFORDABLE OPTIONS $300 Yearly cost of contact lenses FREE EYE CARE to eligible uninsured, low-income workers and their families Vision USA FREE CATARACT SURGERY to people of all ages who have no other means to pay Mission Cataract USA EARS THE COSTLY CARE $250 Hearing Test AFFORDABLE OPTIONS $6000 Hearing Aids ASSISTANCE TO THOSE IN NEED of hearing exams & hearing aids Foundation for Sight and Sound (FSS) AFFORDABLE HEARING AIDS Starkey Hearing Foundation HEART/BLOQD THE COSTLY CARE $62,509 Average hospital charge for common heart surgery and/or AFFORDABLE OPTIONS procedures, not including the doctor fee LIPOPROTEIN PROFILE should be taken every 4 - 6 years, starting at age 20 Practice Preventative Measures LOW-COST BLOOD AND MEDICAL TESTING - No doctors' orders required Walk-In Lab REPRODUCTIVE THE COSTLY CARE $125 to $325 Basic visit at a AFFORDABLE OPTIONS private practice Basic office visit = $0 - $75 Vasectomy cost = $0-$1000 Birth control cost/month = $0-$50 Abortion cost = $0- $1,500, but usually less depending on term ($375-$450) Planned Parenthood Im: IMAGING THE COSTLY CARE $2,600 Average MRI cost 1 $1,100 Average ultrasound cost AFFORDABLE OPTIONS OFFERS THE MRI ACCESS FUND for those who think they have MS and can't afford imaging Multiple Sclerosis Association of America EMERGENCY SITUATIONS EMERGENCY CLEARANCE 12' THE COSTLY CARE Emergency $150-$3000 Uninsured ER visit range AFFORDABLE OPTIONS A $71-$125 Urgent Care Top reasons for ER visits in 2013 • Allergies • Acute bronchitis • Strep throat • Earache • Sore throat • Pink eye • Sinus Infections • Upper respiratory infection • Urinary tract infection PRESCRIPTIONS THE COSTLY CARE AFFORDABLE OPTIONS $4- $59,000 monthly range of filling and refilling prescriptions Get the prescriptions you need, sometimes for free Partnership for Prescription Assistance Helps save patients without coverage on hundreds of name brand & generic products Together Rx Access 80+% cheaper than brand-names Generic prescriptions SOURCES,20536027_13,00.html,20536027_7,00.html,20456481,00.html Get the healthcare you deserve and can afford at a clinic of your choice. BROUGHT TO YOU BY (Walk-In-Lab

The Cost of Healthcare for the Uninsured

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United States citizens currently spend more on medical care than any other nation. Though the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act was introduced in 2010 to lower health care costs for Am...


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