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Coronavirus Tips: How to Help Keep Yourself Healthy When the City Reopens

CORONAVIRUS TIPS: HOW TO HELP KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY WHEN THE CITY REOPENS Cities and states are opening back up, but COVID-19 is still present. Some people want to go back out. Others want to stay home and quarantine. If you do decide to go out, this is what you will want to know: COVID-19 is super contagious. According to Business two other people'. You say, “it's only two people - that's not bad," but then those two people both infect two more people. Those four new cases infect eight more. Suddenly, 15 people are sick! er, one person infects an average of The initial person might not have even been showing symptoms. According to ABC, it is believed that almost 25% of people with the virus show no symptoms?. They are still contagious. You or a loved one could be sick right now, and you might now know. SICK SICK SICK SICK A person that does not show symptoms may feel fine, but what if they spread it to another person? They could infect their high-risk best friend, their elderly mother, or an essential worker. We will not be able to eradicate COVID-19 until there is a vaccine, and those can take months or years to create. Until then, we will just have to make small changes. There is no reason live in fear, and you can still enjoy daily life. You can do things to protect yourself and your loved ones. There are things you can do to decrease the spread. Below we have 6 things we used to do, and new ways to change them so that you can still practice social distancing. We used to: Today we can: We used to walk around and breathe on other people. The only form of prevention we had was washing our hands and covering our mouth when we sneezed or coughed. Today, we wear a mask to decrease the chance of getting others sick. If others wear masks, it decreases our chance of getting sick. Normalize masks. If you cannot buy one, you can The most we could do make one and choose the was cover our mouth with fabric. Harry Potter theme anyone? our elbow. We used to throw parties and hang out with friends in person. We would watch movies together, enjoy happy hour, or even just hang out. Sometimes we would just spend time together and sometimes we would catch up on life. If others want to meet up, you can. Seeing each other puts you both at risk as well as your families. So, don't pressure others. You can also meet on Skype or Zoom. Watch movies together, enjoy home happy hour, or just catch up on life. We used to go out and Go out if you want. It helps your comunity, and tastes better than canned eat at restaurants. We would go to bars and clubs too. The drinks food. Some restaurants were great, and the food was delicious. We would are at half capacity or have their patio open. Stay even safer by getting meet up with others or just have a nice night out and enjoy the restaurant's atmosphere. fast food from a drive thru or getting carry out. Speaking of carry-out, we used to spend hours at Today, we shop online. Many stores have online order with curbside pickup. It is convenient and can help you spend less. When you shop online, you can compare prices, see the total before purchase, and stores. We would take an hour or two to stroll through the grocery store. We would go shopping and search around for the perfect top or pair of pants. even use a service like Honey to save money. We used to take the kids to the park and let them run around. We would With the weather getting better, you might want to go outside. Going for a walk or bike ride around watch them play on the playground. The kids would swing on the swing set, slide down the slides, and even try to make it across the monkey bars. the park would be idea!! Keep practicing social distancing if you pass by others. You could even take the kids on a picnic! Maybe just avoid the germy playground. We used to go to movies. Sometimes we would go on a romantic date. Other Today, you can still watch movies! A movie at home with popcorn, soda, and candy for four, costs $27. That includes a month of times we would take the whole family to see the streaming services. You might never return to the theater once you see the savings. Move the TV outside for a drive-in newest kids' movie. Taking a family of four and getting popcorn, soda, and candy could easily cost $85 each time. expereince. Check online to see when your city is expected to reopen. Some people are still cautious about going back out. That is okay. Cities and states are reopening, and you can still go out and have fun. You can still stay safe while doing so. Making small changes can allow you to go out and have fun. It can allow you to return to a sense of normalcy, while still preventing the spread of disease. 1. 2.

Coronavirus Tips: How to Help Keep Yourself Healthy When the City Reopens

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This guide looks at the little changes we can make every day to help keep ourselves and others safe. By making small changes, we can decrease the chance of COVID-19 spread.


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