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Cordant Occupational Health: Stoptober

Cordant Stoptober facts about smoking Occupational Health Services The Public Health England 'Stoptober' campaign aims to have over 250000 people quit smoking this October. How many people smoke? In 2012, a higher proportion of men 19% of women smoked than women 22% of men How much has smoking decreased over time? 29% The number of 22% people smoking has decreased 25% 19% since 2000 2000 2012 How many cigarettes do people smoke on average per day? On average, men smoked more cigarettes than women in 2012 men smoked, on average 12 cigarettes per day in 2012 women smoked, on average 11 cigarettes per day in 2012 compared to the 15 cigarettes they smoked in 2000 compared to the 13 cigarettes they smoked in 2000 Which cancers can smoking cause? Smoking is a known risk factor Did you know that smoking can for many cancers, not just lung cancer. also cause the other cancers as shown here? 1. Lung: 35903 incidences (persons) The incidence figures shown are the number of new cancer diagnoses in England in 2012 for males and females of all ages. 1 year survival: 33% 5 year survival: 11% The 1 and 5 year survival is an estimate of the probability of survival from the cancer alone, after taking into account background mortality. The survival estimates shown are 2. Bladder: 9124 incidences (persons) based on data from adults in England diagnosed 2007 - 2011 and followed up to 2012. 1 year survival: 75% 5 year survival: 56% 6. 10 3. Kidney: 8638 incidences (persons) 1 year survival: 73% 5 year survival: 55% 4. Pancreas: 7371 incidences (persons) 1 year survival: 20% 5 year survival:5% 3 5. Qesophagus: 7243 incidences (persons) 1 year survival: 42% 5 year survival: 14% 6. Lip, Oral cavity, pharynx: 6609 incidences (persons)* 8. Myeloid leukaemia is a cancer that affects the blood 7. Stomach: 5637 incidences (persons) 1 year survival: 43% 5 year survival: 19% 8. Myeloid Leukaemia: 3315 incidences (persons)* 9. Cervix Uteri: 2482 incidences (females only)* 10: Larynx: 1876 incidences (persons)* * survival estimates not calculated due to smal numbers od diagnoses HO Source: ONS data Designed for Cordant Occupational Health by Elizabeth Mellor,

Cordant Occupational Health: Stoptober

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The facts and statistics explaining the harmful effects and health issues related to smoking.



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