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Common cold the things we need to know

Common COLD The Things We Need to Know Cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose and throat. It is also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza. SEASON'S FOR COLD Autumn fall Winter Rainy VIRUSES CAUSING COLD > 110 different Rhinoviruses. > 4 to 5 strains of carno virus. HOW COLD SPREADS ? By Coming in contact with Viral Particles By Inhaling drops of Mucus containing viruses from the Air. Spread through Respiratory Secretions. (i.e., nasal discharge, & phlegm) > Runny nose Mild Hacking Cough SYMPTOMS OF THE COMMON COLD > Scratchy,/ Tickly throat > Muscle Ache > Sneezing > Headache > Water eyes > Mild fatigue > Low-grade fever > Chills > Nasal Congestion, Sputum Discharge > Sore throat PREVENTION Avoid touching your eyes with contaminated hands. Avoid contact Wash hands with viral particles. (ex: phones, kerchiefs etc) frequently. Use instant hand Use disposable Tissues. Avoid touching sanitizers to stop the spread of germs. your nose. TREATMENT Some common cold remedies Decongestant nasal sprays Pain relievers Cough syrups Warm, salt water Increased fluid intake. Rest Warm steam gargling for sore throat. for congestion. COMPLICATIONS Pneumonia Bronchitis Ear infection Sinusitis Asthma DIFFERENCE BETWEEN COLD AND FLU COLD SYMPTOMS FLU SYMPTOMS Low or no fever High fever Occasional Headache Constant Headache Stuffy, runny Nose Clear nose Sneezing Occasional Sneezing Mild, Hacking cough Cough, often becoming severe Slight aches and pains Often severe aches and pains Mild fatigue Several weeks of fatigue Sore throat Occasional sore throat Normal energy level Extreme exhaustion COMMON COLD STATS 2/4 times in an year an average Adult suffer with cold. 6-8 times in an year an average child suffer with cold. 22 Million school days are lost 50 Million $120 Billion cost of infectious working days are lost diseases each annually in the annually in the US. year in US. US. 200 are implicated in the cause of 80% Of infectious diseases are spread by touch. Viruses the common cold. (According to the CDC) Sources: Designed By Health Watch Center

Common cold the things we need to know

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This info graphic depicts the information on Common cold. It provides the information on how it spreads, Prevention, treatment, difference of cold and flu and Cold Stats.




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