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A Close-Up Look at Common Dental Issues

A CLOSE-UP LOOK AT COMMON DENTAL ISSUES GUMS GINGIVITIS Gums become inflamed due to bacteria from plaque Symptoms include red, - swollen, or bleeding gums Can progress to periodontitis and cause tooth loss if left untreated TEETH DECAY тоотH ENAMEL is attacked by the acids in bacteria and plaque MAY RESULT in pain, cavities, and even tooth loss BE TREATED with fillings and a proper oral hygiene routine SPACING EXCESS SPACE between teeth can lead to gingivitis SOMETIMES CAUSED by missing teeth BRACES CAN bring teeth closer together for better aesthetics and oral health CROWDING CAUSED BY--- insufficient room in the mouth for teeth to erupt TEETH BECOME misaligned and a bad bite results CAN OFTEN be treated with expansion techniques rather than extraction JAW UNDERBITE LOWER TEETH protrude beyond the upper teeth CAN LEAD TO jaw pain and increased wear on enamel RESPONDS WELL to orthodontic treatment OVERBITE UPPER TEETH protrude well past the lower teeth SOMETIMES CAUSES lov to the roof of the mouth 70% of dental disorders in children are related to overbites CROSSBITE TEETH MAY BE angled towards the cheek or the tongue SYMPTOMS MAY be made worse by chewing habits PUTS STRESS on the jaw that leads to pain and developmental issues INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY NORTH TEXAS ORTHODONTIC ASSOCIATES. PA. Our Bracks Make Swsiing Facas Sources: http://www.dentalnet/dental-conditions/underbite-overbite-crossbite/

A Close-Up Look at Common Dental Issues

shared by BrittSE on Aug 07
Did you know that excess space between teeth can lead to gingivitis? This is why it is important to seek orthodontic treatment for spacing issues. Learn more by checking out this infographic from an o...


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