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Clinical Negligence

Blackwater Law CLINICAL NEGLIGENCE WHAT IS NEGLIGENCE? To prove there has been negligence and to bring a successful claim against you, the patient, or other person bringing the claim, has to prove on the balance d'une hépatite L untrait of probabilities: 11une cirrhose olution) pis d'un es e atique complications en cas de cirhose) 2ermet e hépatoce That the standard of care fell below an 205 acceptable standard measured against a body of medical opinion. Orant de wweche um DZOAIRE hama, san hoemarosoon) Parosites anim de Laveran. Parasite du pa congruente & le deficit visucl e entigues h. doub ATURIE, I Grhaima, sanRA MN auria mission par l'uretre de sang n une plus ou moins grande poportion o ont plus de 10 000 hématies/minute a burger h. endémique, h. d'Egypte, du Ca eVschistosomiase. rome d') E, m angl. haem.ame de la Constiturporphyrine (v moglobine), celui qui A l'oxygene. Cest aussi 1 respiratoires (m mandies do-reduction ERALOPY BYCIAL A incongruente. 1 laterale homonym ur les 2 yeux un quart du champ visuel MIA IQUE n quadrant. Syn quadraniOp V hémiopie. angl hemianopric) Oui se vap formes et les étendues du deficit visuel n sont p Jamiliale benign el. Derive Vrine) (er emisus OSMIE, that the breach of duty or negligence caused or contributed to the injury, loss or damage suffered, and that the patient would not have suffered that injury without the breach de l'hémog demi emiaso TIME LIMITS FOR A CLAIM The basic time limit for issuing proceedings is: 3 YEARS from the date of injury/the date the patient knew they had been caused an injury. It can be longer in some circumstances, including: If the patient A birth injury Mentally ill There was an interval was a child which takes before the patient realised, or could be longer to notice expected to know about, the injury. TYPES OF CLAIMS Misdiagnosis Surgical Errors Death Overdose of Poor treatment medication resulting in worsening of condition WHO SHOULD YOU SPEAK TO? A firm of solicitors bound by the SRA (solicitors regulation authority), with experience of clinical negligence claims and a history of winning cases. SRA FACTS AND FIGURES NHS deals with over | million patients every 36 hours. 60% more operations carried out in 2012/13 (10.595 million) than in 2002/03 (6.613 million). Deliveries Visitors2,300 hospitals in the UK 14 labelled as failing in the Keogh Report Day Care Surgery- н -Wards E1& P& Disabled Parking Conre Some health experts suggest that around 500 patient deaths every year could be attributable to a lack of knowledge around using intravenous drips correctly Mistakes in maternity care account for a third of the £lbn a year the NHS has to spend settling medical negligence claims. The number of lawsuits involving alleged failings in maternity care shot up by 80% in the five years to 2012/13, obliging the NHS to set aside £482m to cover the costs of those claims. A total of 9,143 new clinical claims were reported to the authority in 2011-12, representing a 67 per cent increase from the number reported five years ago patients or bereaved relatives lodged claims against the health service during 2012/13, 16,006 compared with 13,517 the previous year, a rise of 18.4 per cent. 13,517 Ro aland Peunds £22,700,000,0 0.0 FIVE 026565 and In its 2013/14 budget the NHS has set aside a glans HFTMSY whopping £22.7 billion to cover OPandes Medical Negligence liabilities. Blackwater Law TELEPHONE: 0800 083 5500 EMAIL: [email protected] WEB: Design by Reflsctdigital INFORMATION SOURCED FROM: www.NHS.UK ment ent 10 dey an utair OCe TE

Clinical Negligence

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This is an infographics on Clinical Negligence. This show what clinical negligence is , time limits, types of claims, and who to speak to regarding making a claim. This also prove some useful informat...


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