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Cigarettes: Weird News, Strange Laws And Jaw Dropping Timelines

SEARETTES CIG WEIRD NEWS, STRANGE LAWS AND JAW DROPPING TIMELINES WEIRD NEWS: CIGARETTES Woman fired from her job as a medical receptionist because she smelled of cigarettes! Animal experts at an Indonesia zoo are helping an orang-utan quit smoking after she got addicted from smoking discarded cigarettes thrown near her cage! BIG ТОВАССО IN OUT CIGARETTES: AN EVER INCREASING DRAIN ON YOUR FINANCES 1995 : £2.70 (77% tax) 1996 : £2.89 (78% tax) : £3.08 (79% tax) £3.36 (79% tax) : £3.64 (79% tax) £3.88 (79% tax) £4.22 (80% tax) : £4.39(79% tax) £4.51 (79% tax) £4.65 (78% tax) : £4.82 (78% tax) £5.05 (77% tax) : £5.33 (76% tax) : £5.66 (77% tax) 1997 1998 : 1999 2000 : 2001 2002 2003 : 2004 2005 2006 : 2007 Now A TIMELINE OF HEALTH WARNINGS ON CIGARETTE PACKETS · In 1971, tobacco companies printed on the left side cigarette packets Government, SMOKING HEALTH". "WARNING CAN of by Н.М. DAMAGE YOUR · In 1991, the E.U. tightened laws on tobacco warnings. HEALTH" was printed on the front of all tobacco packs. An additional warning was also printed on the reverse of cigarette packs. "ТОВАССО SERIOUSLY DAMAGES · In 2003, new E.U. regulations required one of the following general warnings must be displayed, covering at least 30% of the surface of the pack: Smoking kills Smoking seriously harms you and others around Additionally, a further warning from a separate list must also be displayed, covering at least 40% of the surface of the pack. October 2008, all cigarette products · From manufactured must carry picture warnings to the reverse. Every pack had to have one of these warnings by October 2009. · From Dec 2012 Australia is set to go ahead with world's toughest cigarette laws including the most graphic images to date on cigarette packets. WEIRD SMOKING LAWS You are not allowed to give lighted cigars to domestic animals in a small town of Zion, Illinois. You are free to smoke a pipe in New Port, Rhode Island but only during daylight hours because it's illegal to do this after sunset. In France an ashtray is considered to be a deadly weapon. FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO DIED FROM A SMOKING RELATED ILLNESS Nat "King" Cole, African-American TV show host; died after 45, singer, first surgery for lung cancer. Patrick Swayze, 57, actor, star of "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost"; died of pancreatic cancer. Eric Carr, 41, musician, drummer from the band. "Kiss"; died of heart and lung cancer Smoking gives a 50% chance of killing the user, which is 3x riskier than playing Russian roulette! Smoking shortens life by an average of 5,000 days A 50% Chance Of Exchanging 5,000 Sunrises For 1 Chemical. Why? SOURCES:

Cigarettes: Weird News, Strange Laws And Jaw Dropping Timelines

shared by aroberts10 on Aug 23
Amazing infographic about smoking with a killer closing statistic. Weird news and laws that could land you in prison for lighting up.




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