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Chlorella the Perfect Survival Food

CHLORELLA, the PERFECT Survival Food Pre-Cambrian Period NO HIGH LEVEL of poisons, chemicals, radiation, drought, extreme weather or other life-threatening circumstances have ever managed to threaten Chlorella to extinction and its form today is unchanged from its conception! > Algae are the lungs of the Earth, >supply about 90% of the oxygen, >& multiply way faster than any plant on earth! Studies and Researches In 1975, Russia tested a simulation in a space ship where its astronauts ate only Chlorella for a month. After medical examination, they were found to be in good physical health and with no sign of aging. In 1975, Japan after experimenting with Chlorella for three years with fifty thousand troops, their government formally recognized the therapeutic value of Chlorella as a medicinal food for its effects on chronic diseases. Dr. Nakamura, another scientist concerned by the famines of war in Japan, explored and validated Chlorella as an amazing survival food. In his book "The Desert" he described how, during about three months and while in the desert, he relied only on Chlorella as a survival food, and how he maintained a good physical state, proving the scope of Chlorella as a whole food for human health. and MORE! 10Reasons Why Chlorella is the Best Survival Food Nutritionally Dense and Complete "Body-Ready" to be Assimilated and Highly Digestible No Maintenance and Don't Need Freezing, Refrigeration or Special Canning 4 Dry, Lightweight and Easy to Transport 5 Compatible with All Body Types (other micro algae are much more cooling) 6 Contain Nutrients for the Body, Brain and Nervous system (excellent for stressful times and keeping mental power) Very Long Lasting (up to 5 years unopened for good quality, and in dry & dark place) 8 Have a Synergetic Effect More Powerful than the Sum of its Components 9 100% Useful 10 Helping to Connect to the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland (enabling more calmness and sense of direction) You're Going to Lve It! No other existing food sources are jam packed with as many nutrients, and so MUCH more, in such a tiny package! No other foods deliver such great percentages of assailable nutrients to fuel the body. You could literally survive on it and stay healthy! Wait! There's More... Chlorella: a Safe Fasting Food for Cleansing and/or Religious Purposes can help to increase health and faith, accelerate the "de-pollution" of the body and kick our immune system a notch, develop consciousness or/and to connect with their truer selves and/or values, remove the "junk out," purify the body and mind, stimulate the immune system, increase flexibility, retard premature aging, have a better freedom of life and extend longevity... MORE @

Chlorella the Perfect Survival Food

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Top Reasons Why Chlorella is the Perfect Survival Food and its Nutrients Content






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