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Chile Mine Rescue

SAN JOSE COPPER MINE EMERGENCY SUPPLY LINES: Supplies Communications Air supply San Jose mine Main shaft CHILE ARGENTINA 100m Santiago O 200 miles ~100m 200m Unmined RESCUE Mine usually accessed by spiral ramp PROGRESS as of Sep 6 areas Mined (based on 20m/day estimate) 300m areas 400m Tunnel collapsed on August 5 500m 600m Emergency Refuge 33°C 700m 2 Sep Miners move 200 metres deeper to a drier part of the mine. NEW SHELTER The miners have moved 200 metres deeper into the mine to avoid fungal infections and sores caused by the damp conditions in the emergency refuge. The miners have reinforced the roof of their new refuge, and chipped away rocks in the ceiling which were disturbing their sleep. Shift foreman Luis Urzua has been using a white Nissan Terrano pickup truck as an office and for lighting. THE SUPPLY LINE 1 hour The Paloma A steady flow of emergency supplies is being sent down the emergency supply line in a rocket-shaped metal tube called a "paloma," Spanish for dove. time it takes to send supplies from the surface to the trapped miners "nutritive food" in the form of a vitamin eye patches, aspirin and medicine, one miner has diabetes 33 small low-intensity and low-energy LED lights enriched gel and another silicosis 1.6 meters RA 2 Sep - A sample of the miners' first hot meal since the accident. COMMUNICATION Video and telephone link Emergency workers are communicating with the trapped miners via a video camera and a separate telephone link which fits the 6-inch-wide supply lines. THE EVACUATION Strata 950 Evacuation Time underground Days passed Estimated rescue date Miners trapped on 6 Aug Contact made on 22 Aug US Prediction 25 Sep 75cm South African made hydraulic bore will drill rescue hole 30mins 75cm Chile to bring out each man prediction in diameter 22 Dec THE TRAPPED MINERS Alex Vega Salazar Carlos Mamani Claudio Antonio Acuna Cortes Claudio David Yanez Lagos Ariel Ticona Yanez Carlos Andres Bugueno Alfaro Calros Barrios Selie Solis 31 29 Contreras 34 34 Daniel Esteban Herrera Campos Dario Antonio Edison Fernando Esteban Alfonso Florencio Antonio Franklin Lobos Jimmy Sanchez Lagues Segovia Rojas Pena Villarroel Rojas Carrizo Avalos Silva Ramirez 27 SHIFT MANAGER Jorge Hernan Galleguillos Jorge Ricardo Ojeda Vidal Juan Andres Illanes Palma Juan Carlos Aguilar Gaete Luis Alberto Urzua Mario Nicolas Gomez Heredia Jose Samuel Henriquez 56 Gonzalez, 54 51 49 63 Osman Isidro Araya Acuna Pablo Amadeos Rojas Villacorta Mario Sepulveda Pedro Cortez Raul Enriquez Renan Anselmo Avalos Silva Omar Orlando Espina Espina Reygada Rojas 25 Bustos Ibanez 40 30 45 29 Victor Zamora Yonni Barrios Rojas Richard Reinaldo Samuel Dionisio Victor Antonio Villarroel Godoy Avalos Acuna Segovia Rojas Bugueno 27 33 Trapped miner Mario Gomez sent this letter to his wife Lilianette Ramirez via the THE FAMILIES emergency supply line. A makeshift camp has been installed for the relatives of the 33 miners ALKN A Chilean boy places candle in an altar at the San Jose mine camp. INEROS TONO The letter reads in Spanish: "Give a lot of kisses to all my daughters and grandchildren, tell them I love them very much. Tell them not to worry. For you, my love, a huge kiss. I love you very much, we will be really happy with our family, forever. We'll see each other soon my love. I love you. See you soon. Kisses, Mario." ESTEIN RAJA SARA FAKIL

Chile Mine Rescue

shared by kcatoto on Jan 16
Shows how the miners was rescued in Chile. The miners have moved 200 meters deeper into the mine to avoid fungal infections and sores caused by the damp conditions in the emergency refuge. The miners ...


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