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Childhood Obesity Triples

2010 1 in 3 obesity in teens TRIPLES 1980: 5% 2008: 18.1% obesity in children TAKE ACTION IN ONE GENERATION... ages 6-11 almost TRIPLES 1980: 6.5% 2008: 19.6% 20% children are SPEND A WEEK overweight or obese " WITHOUT YOUR SODA consumption DOUBLES in girls & TRIPLES in boys!. #of TVs in homes QUADRUPLES#of foodservice establishments DOUBLES" .the #of calories children consume outside the home nearly DOUBLES' 18% "SCREENS" The next TURNOFF WEEK CHILDHO OD OBESITY is September 18-24. Millions have participated. There are now Turnoff Events in all 50 states. TRIPLES 14% 2010 1 in 5 infants are now soda drinkers" 1 in 4<2 yrs old haye Tỷ in their room PLEDGE TO STOP DRINKING SODA 12% FOR THE SUMMER Children in the Bay Area are pledging a Soda-Free 10% Summer. Now in its 3rd year, the campaign will reach 100,000 residents. ages 12-19 26.8oz 1970" Ainericans consume 26% of their food budget outside the home 8% 8% In children 12-17 yrs. for every additional HOUR OF TV viewed per day, the prevelence of being OVERWEIGHT. INCREASES 2%" a day =22 tsp HFCS =330 calories in sugar " >>> % OF CHILDREN AGED 2-10 WHO ARE OBESE >) BRING 6% HEALTHIER FOOD OPTIONS TO YOUR LOCAL BODEGA SOFT DRINK CONSUMPTION IN 1978" ages 12-19 ages 6-11 4% 16.9oz 16.7oz 4% Since January 2005 the Healthy Bodegas Initiative has worked with a day =14tsp sugar =210 calories in sugar " a day =14tsp HFCS =210 calories in sugar" 2009 In an average day. children ages 8-18 spend 4.5 hrs watching TV 1,5 hrs on the domputer 1+ hrs playing video games ages 6-11 2% USDA reccommends 12tsp sugar for a 2.200 calorie daily diet." For every additional serving a child is 60% MORE LİKELY TO BECOME OBESE" 12.5oz 2% over1,000 bodegas in East and Central Harlem, a day =10tsp suga the South Bronx and 0% =150 calories in sugar" 0% Central Brooklyn, NY. =7.5 hours daily "screen time" 2008" Americans consume REPLACE SOFT DRINK CONSUMPTION IN 2002" 1970 2009 1980 7-11 introduces the 32oz. BİG GULP (the same capacityjof the average adult stomach) 46% of their SCREENTIME WITH 81,040,000 TVs 327,470,000 TVs FAMILY MEAL TIME food budget Let's Move provides tools to help log your TV and active time, commit to TV > > > free meals and bedrooms and plan family shopping in America 1.39 TVs per household in America butside the home 2.86 TVs per household 2010 ) ) ) ) 2010 1970 1972 1976 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008 1979" McDonalds introduces the HAPPY MEAL and Chicken due to expensive MaNuggets 1977" High Fructose Corn Syrup introduced in 1994 McDonalds introduces the 42oz. "SUPERSIZE 1995 PLAYSTATION launches 2001" 25% of the meals eaten in the United "SUPERSIZE States were "fast food." 2005 PLAYSTATION The average American spends reaches 100million units sold « 1950s" a bottle of Coca-Cola was 6,5 oz 1974 The first successful shopping mall FOOD COURT opens in Paramus, NJ manufacturing 1984" Coke and Pepsi switch to HIGH 2004 McDonalds eliminates 27 minutes a day on food preparation. REVERSE THE FRUCTOSE CORN in the US SYRUP (HFCS) CURVE o 2010 Jenn Cash, Language Dept. sugar tariffs SOURCES CITED: **1. White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity (2010). SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF CHILOHO00 OBESITY WITHIN A GENERATION (POF). Retrieved from: **2. Childhood Obesity Statistics (2010). Childhood Obesity Epidemic in America. Retrieved from: ** 3. Media Trends Track (2009). TV Basics: TV Sets Per Household Retrieved from:** 4. Neilson Wire (2009). More than Half the Homes in U.S. Have Three or More TVs. Retrieved from:** 5. 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Retrieved from: Note: Obesity is defined as BMI 2 gender- and weight-specific 95th percentile from the 2000 CDC Growth Charts. e Canl: Reduce Screen Time. Retrieved from: http://www.nhibi.nih gov/health/public/heart/obesity/wecan/reduce-screen-time/index.htm.**6. Sony Computer Entertainment (2005). "PlayStation 2 E tMatform to Reach Cumulative Shipment of 100 Million Units" (POF). Press release. Retrieved from: http://en.wikipedia. Media Kit Retrieved from: http://en.wikipedia.o **17. McDonalds (2010).Our Company: Travel Through Time with Us. Retrieved from: ur_company/mcd_history.html. **18. Schlosser, Eric. Fast Food Nation (2001). **19. Ayala, Guadalupe X. et al (2008). Obesity, A Research Journal: Away- 000 000000 200

Childhood Obesity Triples

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Spurred by a prompt from GOOD magazine and Let's Move, we looked into the rise of obesity among children in the US. For one generation—while obesity has tripled—we plotted the increase of soda con...




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