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Is Childhood Obesity Still an Issue in California?

CHILDHOOD OBESITY AND OVERWEIGHT BY ETHNICITY/RACE IN CALIFORNIA, 2010 38% 46.2% of Hispanics or Latinos of 5", 7* & 9* graders in Califormia are overweight or obese 39.3% of African Americans 26.9% of Whites 32.7% of Pacific Islanders 23.1% of Asians 75% OBESITY RATES HAVE INCREASED CONSIDERABLY IN THE LAST 30 YEARS... of overweight teens are likely to be obese as adults: 3X HIGHER among 12 - to 19-year-olds HIGHER among 6- to 11-year-olds 80% of children diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight. why: is this happening DIET + PHYSICAL INACTIVITY + GENETIC FACTORS + ENVIRONMENT + HEALTH CONDITIONS all play a role Ranks #1 among all states in the amount it spends on the health consequences of obesity." chronic diseases associated with overweight and obesity' HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SLEEP APNEA LOST PRODUCTIVITY + OBESITY + OVERWEIGHT= HIGH CHOLESTEROL RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS TYPE 2 DIABETES CORONARY HEART DISEASE ENDOMETRIAL CANCER $21B annual cost BREAST CANCER to California STROKE PROSTATE CANCER GALLBLADDER DISEASE COLON CANCER OSTEOARTHRITIS Source CALIFORNIA CENTER FOR PUBLIC HEALTH ADVOCMCY 1. Babey S oen . Diamant AL. Boom A Goldein H. APchork of Progras Changes in Overwnight and Cbesty Among Calbmia S, , and sn Grader, 200-20no. UCLA Centar tor Healh Plcy Resaarch and Calbma Center tor elc Health Advocacy, 2011. 2 Guo SS. W. W. Cunina WC. Rache A. Predcing overveight and obesty in aduthood tom body mass index valuns in adoescence Am JCin Nu 2002 734 1. Dabeles Overview. National Diabels information Clearinghousa. Accensed 18 Oduber 2011. hdabetes.nidsknh govidmipubaloverview 4 Frkelstein EA Fabekon C. Wang G Selevelestnates of annual medical pendues abutabie to obesity" Cbesty Research Jan 2004122 S.Calomia Center for Pubc Health Advocacy The fcononic Costs af Overnigh Coesty and Physical inactiity Among Catomia Adut - 200 (Davis, CA Calomia Centar lor Putlic eath Advocacy 200 publheathadvecacy orgtostotobesty oter 1. 2011 Opden C Yanov Sz. Carol MO. Fegai M The epidemology of obesty Gastroentariog 200720-212 7. Natonal Center kr Heath Satstics. Heat Unted States, 200 win Speci Featue on Deah and Dying Hyate, MO 2011. Becouse health doese't just heppen Cil Gudeines on the ldentication. Evalation, and Treatmentof Overightand Obesty in As- The Evidencn Report" National intms of Heath Obes Res Sep 4 Sopl2515-205 November 2011

Is Childhood Obesity Still an Issue in California?

shared by kcatoto on Jan 23
A study released today by UCLA and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy called "A Patchwork of Progress: Changes in Overweight and Obesity Among California 5th, 7th, and 9th Graders, 2005-...




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