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Child Obesity

Childhood Obesity Causes The situation Effects Average Daily Consumption The average weight of 10-years olds 1971 2000 How many kids are fat? 112,000 One in every 3 Girls 1,542 calories 1,877 calories 1963 2002 deaths per year in the United States are caused by obesity. Boys 2,450 calories 2,618 calories Boys children ages 2-19 is overweight or obese. 1/3rd one third of all children born in the year 2000 are expected to develop diabetes during their lifetime. Portion Sizes 1977 1996 Prevalence in Infants 74 lbs 85 lbs Over half of obese children Obesity-associated annual hospital costs Soft Drinks Cheeseburger become overweight at or before age two. Girls 1980 3.4% 144 kcal 193 kcal (13.1 fl oz) (19.9 fl oz) 77 lbs 88 lbs 397 kcal (5.8 oz) Salty Snacks 2001 5.9% $35 million $2,200- $5,300 $127 million 132 kcal (1.0 oz) 225 kcal (1.6 oz) 10% weight loss medical costs 1979-1981 1997-1999 533 kcal (7.3 oz) Parents & Caregivers Schools Media & Food Companies Can we help? Providing healthy food in schools can increase scores Stop advertising More than half of television advertisements direct at children promote food and beverages such as candy, fast food, snack foods, soft drinks and sweetened breakfast cereals. Get outside and eat together as a family Many say fat chance. But, different roles played by diffrent individuals early on in a child's life can play significant roles in shaping the child's health. 33% watched TV 3 or more hours per day on average. 25% used computers 3 or more hours per day on average. Stay active 67% did not attend PE clases when they were in school.

Child Obesity

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Many say fat chance. But different roles played by different individuals early on in a child's life can play significant roles in helping the child's health.






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