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The Changing Face of AIDS

THE CURRENT STATE OF HIV AND AIDS IN THE WORLD THE CHANGING FACE of AIDS AROUND THE WORLD Regional Adult HIV Prevalence (2009) (%) <0.5 0.5 - 4.0 >4.0 NO DATA AIDS-RELATED DEATHS ARE DOWN SLIGHTLY 20| Estimated death due to AIDS (millions) 15 10 AIDS 0.5 05 109 06. The annual growth of the virus has experienced a steady decline in recent years. Deaths related to AIDS hit a high in 2004 (2.1 million) and have been falling since. In 2009, there were an estimated 1.8 million AIDS-related deaths. 8 Number of people on antiretroviral therapy (millions) *03 "05 06 08 "10 L0. 60. Concurrently, the yearly number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy-drug treatment that aggressively prevents the progression of HIV-has significantly risen especially in low- to middle- Thirty years ago this year, a rare immune system virus was detected in five young men in Los Angeles. income countries. By the following summer, the illness was spreading Number of people affected in each region (2009) nationwide and had been given a name: acquired INCIDENCE OF PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS STABILIZING Eastern Europe & Central Asia Middle East North America & immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS. In the ensuing Number of people living with HIV (millions) Western/Central Europe 2.3 million Caribbean & North Africa Central & South America Asia decades, AIDS and the virus that leads to it, HIV, have 240,000 460,000 1.4 million 1.4 million 4.9 million 50 claimed millions of lives all over the world. Thankfully, 40 Sub-Saharan Africa with public education and advanced medication, 30 22.5 million recent trends point to a decline in AIDS-related death 20 rates. But we've still got a long way to go. 10 "99 "02 "04 '05 "07 "08 "09 86. 90. T0. E0. PUBLIC PERCEPTION IN THE U.S. WORRIES ABOUT AIDS DECLINE PUBLIC LEARNING CURVE EVENS OUT COMFORT AROUND HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE UP DISCRIMINATION AGAINST HIV POSITIVE PEOPLE DOWN Percent who believe HIV/AIDS is the most Percent who think, incorrectly, that HIV can be transmitted by: Percent who say they'd be "very" comfortable with: Swimming in a pool with someone who's HIV positive urgent health problem "In general, it's people's own fault if they get AIDS" (Percent of respondents who agree) Sharing a drinking glass Touching a toilet seat Working with someone who has AIDS Accepting their child's HIV positive teacher 87% of people agree that it's possible for people with HIV to lead healthy, productive lives. 1987 51% 29w 2011 32% 49% 36% 2009:14% 29% "I sometimes think that AIDS is a punishment for the decline in moral standards" (Percent of respondents who agree) 2011:12% 1987 43% 16 2011 2006 2011 1987 44% 2011 7% 1985 44% 2011 25% 1985 31% 2011 16% 1999 2011 48% believe that HIV is a manageable disease, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Sources: Kaiser Family Foundation 2011 Survey of Americans on HIV/AIDS // UNAID // // A COLLABORATION BET WEEN GOOD AND COLUMN FIVE

The Changing Face of AIDS

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Thirty years ago, a rare immune system virus was detected in five young men in Los Angeles. By the following summer, the illness was spreading nationwide and had been given a name: acquired immunodefi...



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