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Centre Bans Gutkha

WHAT GOES INTO BENZO-a-PYRENE (BaP) CHEWING TOBACCO Present in tobacco, the chemical associates with DNA and forms DNA adducts. Adducts are pieces of DNA that bond with cancer-causing chemicals. This leads to mutation and activation of oncogene, a gene that increases the potential of cancer. Tobacco contains 10 or more such chemicals TOBACCO-SPECIFIC N-NITROSAMINES These group of chemicals, called TSNAS, are powerful carcinogens. They are formed during the harvesting, curing, ageing, processing and consumption of tobacco. Of the seven TSNAS identified in smokeless tobacco, N-nitrosonornicotine (NNN), 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3- pyridyl)-1-butanone (NNK), N-nitrosoantabine (NAT) and N-nitrosoanabasine (NAB) are predominant in most products. They are the most powerful carcinogens known so far Carcinogenic TSNAS in leading gutkha brands Loaded with heavy metals and BaPs 10.05 Pan Parag Gutkha 044 0.44 Vimal Gutkha Q12 87 Kuber Gutkha Kuber Gutkha 0.32 0.13 0.07 Tuki Mix Gutkha Tuki Mix qutkha 0.69 031 Arsenic Pan Parag Gutkha SODIUM CARBONATE, AMMONIUM CARBONATE, AMMONIA 0118 0.0529 Nikel RMD gutkha uts 5R7 0.236 I NAT I NAB Goa 1000 Zarda and supari These chemicals increase pH levels of the products. They create alkaline environment when ingested, thereby influencing the absorption rate of nicotine by the body. As nicotine acquires more toxic and active form in an alkaline environment, it gets readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Absorption rate determines its addiction potential Lead 0.1 0.006 0.206 0.0667 an Sanket 999 Zarda + Sanket Bahar gutha INNN no 1 Supari Cadmium I NNK 0.11 0.006 0J77 Benzo-a Рутeпe Manikchand Gutkha Shkhar Gutkha Shimla Zarda+Supari mix 0.111 Rajdarbar Gutkha Mookhand Superb Zarda+supari 0.0571 021 115 O 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 0.21 Baba zarda 2.91 Q.829 in microgramigramme HEAVY METALS 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 TSNAS (in microgramigramme) Source: 2004 lab report of smokeless tobacco products Chewing tobacco products contain high levels of lead, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium and nickel. They are toxic to humans even in minute quantities and can cause illnesses like cancer and organ failure. Lead, for instance, damages the nervous system and causes blood and brain disorder. Arsenic causes skin cancer and liver diseases Source: htemational Journal of Cancer, August 2005 and British Medical Journal, November 2010 by the Indian Institute of Environmental Medicines, Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai EUGENOL Extracted from certain essential Chaini Khain oils, these chemicals numb throat and facilitate tobacco use. Eugenol, primarily used in perfumeries, can damage the liver. Its overdose may cause discharge of blood in urine, convulsions, diarrhoea, nausea, dizziness or rapid heartbeat. It can also render a person unconscious NICOTINE Nicotine, extremely powerful drug, Is responsible for tobacco's addictive property. The way it causes addiction is similar to heroin and cocaine. It is absorbed by the body very quickly, reaching an मुगनित CGUTKHD विज ridid USE PACK Shikhar GUTKHA Rejoigandba the brain within seven seconds. It stimulates the central nervous LAVOURED LPAN MASALA system, increasing heart beat and blood pressure ina LUSTRATIONS : VAIBHAV RAGHUNANDAN /

Centre Bans Gutkha

shared by rmmojado on Mar 24
The government of India has banned the sale of gutkha and other chewing tobacco products across the country. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued new regulations on August 1...




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