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Celebrities With Mental Disorders

CELEBRITIES MENTAL DISORDERS WITH Tim Burton Michael Phelps Mary-Kate Olsen Catherine Zeta- Jones Mel Gibson This wildly imaginative film maker was once believed to After a very public decline in Long before his headline Phelps has won Olympic her health, this actress Career stress and coping making outbursts, this actor medals and broken world sought treatment for Anorexia be autistic, but in fact. with her husband's (Michael stated in an interview that records all while suffering Burton suffers from Bipolar he had been diagnosed with from Attention Deficit Douglas) battle with cancer have been credited for this actress seeking treatment for Bipolar Il. Disorder Bipolar Disorder. Hyperactivity Disorder. The B-List The Show Must Go On Heath Ledger depression, anxiety Hugh Laurie: - depression Winona Ryder: - depression, anxiety Celebs with Bipolar Disorder Ashley Judd - depression Lindsay Lohan - depression More Celebrities Trent Reznor - Social Aniety Disorder With Mental Disorders Brooke Shields postpartum depression Paula Deen panic attacks and agoraphobia CARRIE FISHER Elton John - bulimia Jessica Alba - OCD DEMI LOVATO Jim Carey - depression Percentage of Americans ages 18 and older who suffer from a diagnosable Percentage of adults with mental disorders who are receiving treatment. KURT COBAIN mental disorders. MARILYN MONROE 26.2% 41.1% SINEAD O'CONNOR LINDA HAMILTON OZZY OSBOURNE Mental disorders are an attributing cause in 90% 990 AXL ROSE of all suicides. STING sss$$s$$$ss s$$$$$$$$ $$ Mental disorders cost the U.S. ss BEN STILLER $150 Billion JEANGLALDE VNDWME $$$$s each year for treatment S$$ $$$$$$$ LARRY FLYNT s$s$$$$$ Unusual Suspects 100% Celebs exhibiting disturbing behavior Athough she has yet to come forward with a formal dagnosis, numerous mental health professionals have stated that Britney Spears shows evidence of Bipolar Disorder with classic symptoms including "hyper TIGER BLOOD sexuality, poor judgment, and impulsivity Charlie Sheen's recent media outbursts have been Inked to a mental deorder or drug induced brain damage Stil, without a definitive diagnosis, some believe there is the possibility that it could all be an act. $$ No official diagnosis has surfaced, yet actorlentrepreneur Donald Trump admits to having a borderine Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and being termrfied by the thought of germs. Reportedy, he refuses to touch ground floor elevator buttons and goes out of his way to avoid handshakes. Sources Infographic presented by: htp:/www.thefrisky.compost/246-8celebritymentaicases/ withmental-liness htp/www.customindgil.combiogp 150 Created by htp:/bisstee.comfeoelfemalecelebrites-andmentaliress-234 http:/ lness htp/www.reabeauty comhaucelebrinyicelebritymentalness Disclalmer: Al rfomaton contaned in the riogaphichas boon compled to the best of our ablty using the data aake tous. wedomake a mitke which we wbeouse wee humani ve wil do our very best toupdte our fedrgs mentalilness-orcaloulated-careermovel htp:www.nimh.nh.govstatistics/ndex.shtml Designed by Christopher Uryga

Celebrities With Mental Disorders

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Celebrities have a lot going on. They are making millions and have to figure out how to spend it. They are loved by almost everyone and most of the time just cause they are celebrities. Well, to put i...


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