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Cause Shift Obesity and Hunger

BIG NEWS: 2010 Elections Sarah Palin | Michael Steele Rand Paul Smarter Ideas More. LOG IN I SIGN UP SEARCH THE HUFFINGTON POST AUGUST 24, 2010 f Connect E FRONT PAGE COMEDY BUSINESS LIVING STYLE POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS GREEN FOOD TECH WORLD TRAVEL COLLEGE IMPACT вооKS ARTS RELIGION NY LA CHICAGO DENVER VIDEO BLOGS More in Politics: Carter To N. Korea.. Senate In Play, Barely. Steve Henke Investigation.. Obama Administration Stem Cell Russell Simmons Unveils Ground Regulations Temporarily Blocked Zero Street-Art Protest Supporting Mosque ADVERTISEMENT Anne Mai Bertelsen 3 BIO O Get Email Alerts Viral on MANHOUSE: Mens Movie Guide: Romances Read More » V Become a Fan s Bloggers' Index Foundor and President of MAI Stratogios and Principal at CauseShit Posted: July 27, 2010 11:24 AM Visualizing Hunger and Its Impact: Why We Need a Hunger Data Consortium We'll Make Men Out of You Yet Read More » What's Your Reaction: A Print 5 Ridiculously Cool Knife Multitools for Your Inner Boy Scout Read More » Important Funny Typical Scary Outrageous Amazing Innovative Finally Read More: Data, Data.Gov, Hunger, Hunger In America, Infographic, Obesity, Politics News It has become somewhat of a management mantra: you O Like Be the first of your friends to like this. cannot manage what you do not measure. And, yet, when it comes to the most pressing social problems of our day -- like hunger in America -- we need so much powered by buzzfeed 186 11 views MOST POPULAR ON HUFFPOST (1 of 2 more than measurement. We need smarter, more collaborative data collection that bypasses f SHARE retweet Veteran CBS News Reporter Dies Unexpectedly 685 Comments organizational silos. And, we need to couple that data with creative, compelling info graphics that spur V Get Politics Alerts innovation and action. We need a Hunger Data SIGN UP Consortium. British Singer Leaps To Death During Rock Festival SEmail Comments 6 Hunger is on the rise in America despite decades of govenment programs and private outreach. According 346 Comments to the most recent figures -- which are almost two years old -- over 49 million Americans suffer from food insecurity; nation to end childhood hunger by 2015. million are children -- which prompted President Obama carlier this year to challenge our The 8 Most Overrated People In History 1,733 Comments To meet this challenge, we need greater awareness, understanding and advocacy of hunger and its implications. And, that requires enhanced collection, organization and utilization of hunger related data in America. While tremendous amounts of data are collected, it is often incomplete, dated and fragmented - accessible only to researchers and policy makers, not the general public or local hunger advocates. The WORST Playground Fails Of All Time (PHOTOS) 227 Comments Benefits of a Hunger Data Consortium A central, holistic source of data that includes data visualizers as modeled below and is accessible to all How To Eat Healthy For Less can provide important benefits to help solve the problem of hunger in America. 530 Comments Local Data Federated Eco System Obama A Muslim! Lincoln A Catholic! FDR A Jew! Why Americans Don't Like Their President's God 1,359 Comments Private Data Private Data Data Consortium McConnell: I Take Obama 'At His Word' That He's A Christian Data Visualizers Analysts State Data National Data 11.448 Comments HIlarious Kardashian Family Photos Over Time 271 Comments Private Data Private Data Iran Unveils Unmanned Bomber, Dubbed Benefits like: 'Ambassador Of Death. 4,479 Comments • Identifying and closing information gaps -- particularly at the state and local level • Facilitating the sharing of data -- allowing public and private entities and individuals access and HUFFPOST REPORTERS 11 of 2 Sam Stein: Obama's Smear Fighter Pens Memo For Dems.. 510 Comments utilization of the compiled data • Initiating analyses and visualizations to raise awareness, introduce new perspectives, hypotheses and solutions • Creating an eco-system of qualified, comprehensive data that organizations can work with when developing solutions • Collecting and promoting solutions for peer review and collaboration across sectors to help drive Shahien Nasiripour: Two Top Investigators Leave Financial Crisis Commission both social and market-driven solutions. To illustrate how data could be utilized from the Consortium, CauseShift, a strategic consultancy, partnered 131 Comments with JESS3, an interactive branding and data visualization firm, to create Obesity and Hunger: Partners? info graphic. Amanda Terkel: Joe Miller Gains Attention As Alaska's Tea.. 250 Comments Obesity and Hunger : Partners? SHIPI SESSS Food Insecurity, Obesity, SNAP Participation and Poverty DON'T MISS HUFFPOST BLOGGERS (1 of 5 Jared Bernstein Chrysler Emerges From its Dark |Days Russell Simmons The Sacred Ground of Deep Seated Hate HOT TRENDS ben quayle glenn beck michelle obama restoring honor rally sarah palin How Obama's Social Security Tactics Hurt Bipartisanship READ MORE How Will Health Reform Figure in the Midterm Elections? READ MORE Utilizing currently available data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the info graphic looks at the rates of obesity, food insecurity, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) participation and poverty in the 50 states. It shows states with high levels of food insecurity also have high rates of obesity. In addition, 14 states have both higher than the national average rate of food insecurity and obesity. It also suggests that the current levels of SNAP participation are not high enough to keep food insecurity or obesity at low levels (see Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky or Kansas for example) A Breakthrough for the GOP: More Women Running READ MORE More news TOP VIDEO PICKS 1 1 of 5 JD Hayworth (R-Ariz.): "$21 Million Won't Be Enough" for McCain What Data Can Provoke While this info graphic doesn't answer all the questions as to why obesity and hunger are linked -- or how strong the links are -- visualizing data like this may help policy makers and researchers see the data in a different light and help provoke new thinking and solutions. For instance: Stem Cell Research Funding Halt • Would a deeper understanding of the connections between hunger and obesity spur policy makers to re-write our nation's food policy? • Would comprehensive data, down to the local level enhance the ability of advocacy groups and Biden presses Iraqi leaders governmental agencies to meet the need where it exists? • Would the media cover the story differently or in more depth if they had access to this data? • Would the publication of compelling info graphics generate greater awareness and concern among Americans and prompt them to become more involved in fighting hunger in their community? FOLLOW HUFFINGTON POST • Would an analysis of nutrition, hunger and obesity prompt local communities to incorporate more Y! fresh vegetables and fruits into school feeding programs, install community gardens or resurrect home economics classes? These types of questions -- and more -- can be asked and answered with better data, analysis and presentation. HUFFPOST'S BIG NEWS PAGES It's time we stop hoarding data in silos -- accessible only to a few. We need to create a Hunger Data Consortium and let everyone and anyone -- the govermment, non-profits, the media and interested individuals -- use it to test hypotheses and create new approaches to ending hunger in America. Follow Anne Mai Bertelsen on Twitter: Beauty Afghanistan Michelle Obama More In Polltics

Cause Shift Obesity and Hunger

shared by rmmojado on Dec 28
In an effort to raise awareness about (1) hunger in America and (2) the need for simple data visualizations to tell the story of hunger in America, Anne Mei Bertelsen of Mai Strategies and CauseShift ...



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