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The Case for Health Care Transparency

THE CASE FOR HEALTH CARE WHAT AMERICAN COMPANIES NEED To invest in a healthier, more productive workforce while controlling costs TRANSPARENCY HEALTH CARE TRANSPARENCY IS THE ANSWER WITHOUT TRANSPARENCY COMPANIES SPEND TOO MUCH ON HEALTH CARE HEALTHCARE IS RISING 8% a year for companies $750 BILLION WASTED % of population covered by employer health plans A CLEAR WAY TO IDENTIFY HIGH QUALITY, Finding a clear way to the best health care 60% COST-EFFECTIVE PROVIDERS per year on health care A CLEAR WAY TO KNOW COSTS BEFORE CARE BEGINS A CLEAR WAY TO EDUCATE CONSUMERS 44 There is more health THE RESULT? WHAT AMERICAN CONSUMERS NEED The ability to shop for health care based on cost and quality care than steel in a GM COMPANIES Lower overall health care spend Improve bottom line vehicle's price tag. A less healthy, less productive workforce - and a competitive weakness. BENEFITS: THE 2ND COSTLIEST LINE ITEM FOR COMPANIES IN THE U.S. -GM Executive COSTS ARE RISING HIGHER PRICES EXPECTED DISTRIBUTION CONSUMERS > Lower health care spending > Improve quality of care ACTUAL DISTRIBUTION DON'T EQUAL BETTER CARE Individuals' contribution to health WHAT AMERICA NEEDS To grow healthier as a country and stronger as an economy care is rising 10% A YEAR HIGH QUALITY AMERICA > Stronger economy > Healthier nation THAT'S MORE THAN ANY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRY 18% OF GDP GOES TO HEALTH CARE MORE HEALTH PROBLEMS HIGH COST LOW COST 18% Potentially avoidable readmissions account for $1 OF EVERY $10 SPENT ON HOSPITAL CARE UNITED KINGDOM $3433 PER CAPITA HEALTH CARE TRANSPARENCY CONTRIBUTES TO UNITED STATES $8233 PER CAPITA LOW QUALITY MORE STRESS ON FAMILY FINANCES REAL SAVINGS UP TO 13% PEOPLE ARE PAYING TOO MUCH AMERICA DOESN'T GET WHAT IT PAYS FOR $300 BILLION ON EXPECTED SPEND* PRICES OF SERVICES WITHIN A SINGLE NETWORK, IN THE SAME AREA LOW QUALITY 1 Avoidable readmissions 2 Poor chronic care management HEALTH CARE IS 3 Increases in hospital-acquired infections 4 Complications Percent of all wasted every year in avoidable costs due to $563 7X $3967 bankruptcies with a medical cause COLONOSCOPY PRIMARY CARE VISIT $85 3X $270 | care, preventable complications or errors, or the right care not being delivered 62% une EKG $27 5X $143 CASTLIGHT There is no correlation between what people pay and the quality of health care they get. -Bill Clinton HEALTH S S.A.LATTINDESIGN ("Versus projected health care spend for companies. Savings reinvested into other health & wellness programs.) DESIGNED BY

The Case for Health Care Transparency

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Finding a clear way to the best health care in the U.S. for consumers, companies and the country.


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