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On Car Accident Injuries Chiropractors Help with

PROACTIVE CHIROPRACTIC AND REHAB CENTER On Car Accident Injuries Chiropractors Help With If you experience pain after a car accident, visiting a chiropractor who specializes in treating car accident injuries is a great idea. There are many different kinds of body parts that can get injured in an accident. Here are the main ones. Neck Pain One of the most common car accident injuries: whiplash -What it is: when the head is suddenly jarred backward, forward, or to the side Effect of whiplash: destabilized spine, severe neck pain - Curing whiplash can take weeks or months, but those who don't seek help can suffer from long-term pain and effects How chiropractors help: full spinal adjustment Low Back Pain -Parts of the back that can get hurt: bones, muscles and nerves -Symptoms may not show up right away, or they may be immediate -If left untreated, symptoms can worsen over time -How chiropractors help: start with an adjustment, but may also suggest core strengthening exercises, heat and other therapies Shoulder Pain - When it can occur: when a driver has an arm up on the wheel and gets hit by another driver Car accident harm to shoulder includes: nerve and tissue damage, torn ligaments How chiropractors help: keeping the shoulder in line with the proper joint to reduce damage and help surrounding tissue heal. Might also prescribe massage or physical therapy Headaches - Headaches are also common for accident victims The brain was not meant to be jarred around violently Often a side effect of whiplash or spinal misalignment - How a chiropractor can help: regular adjustments, relaxation techniques, and prescribing over the counter medications and other therapies Arm Pain - Less common than the above, but still affects many car accident victims Many bones in the arm can become misaligned - How a chiropractor can help: a chiro who specializes in car accident injuries can help line those joints back up. They can also prescribe ice packs, physical therapy or other remedies to reduce pain in the area while the arm heals The best thing to do after a vehicle collision is to visit with a chiropractor that is known for helping similar accident injuries. Come up with a treatment plan as soon as possible so that the problem does not get any worse than it already is. STOP

On Car Accident Injuries Chiropractors Help with

shared by Zainpbs on May 16
If you've ever been in a car accident, you know the pain and trauma that an go along with it. Some people don't realize this but you can get the insurance company at fault to pay for your care. It's i...


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