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Can you die from lack of sleep?

SLEEP DiF GOURMANDIA or NOT GETTING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SLEEP EACH NIGHT CAN HAVE SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS AND CAN LEAVE LONG-LASTING EFFECTS ON YOUR BODY AND MIND. HEALTH RISKS FOR NOT SUBAPING THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT; IMPROVES HEALTH AND 7-9 HRS DAILY ALERTNESS THE AVERAGE AMOUNT THAT AMERICAN ADULTS SLEEP 5-7 HRS 12 EACH NIGHT PUTS YOU AT HIGH RISK FOR A NUMBER OF HEALTH 0-5 HRS PROBLEMS: 2.5X HIGHER RISK FOR DIABETES 45% HIGHER RISK FOR HEART ATTACK 12% HIGHER RISK OF DEATH UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ------- AHS CHRRR - INCREASED HUNGER FOR SALTY, FATTY FOODS. LACK OF SLEEP ACTIVATES YOUR BODY'S SNS SYSTEM (FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE) CAUSING IT TO STORE FAT RESERVES AND RELEASE HORMONES THAT KEEP YOU FROM WINDING DOWN AT NIGHT. > LESS THAN 7 HOURS OF SLEEP = WEIGHT GAIN REDUCED LEPTIN PRODUCTION = INCREASED APPETITE HOW TO SLBEP BETTER Make your bedroom a heaven. Keep the clutter and chaos of everyday life at a minimum in your bedroom. Keep the textures soothing and inviting, and the light warm and saturated. Get the best sheets you can afford, too: the more comfortable your bed and bedroom are, the more conducive they are to a restful sleep. Maintain your mattress. Replace it after five to seven years of regular use. Jf you feel springs or ridges beneath the surface when you're lying on the bed, or you and your partner tend roll to the middle of the bed (unintentionally), it's time to go mattress shopping. Keep an eye on your evening diet. Allow at least three hours after you eat before bed time: digestion slows down at night, and a full stomach may intemupt sleep. The heavier the meal, the longer it takes for your stomach to settle. 3 hrs. Drink a relaxing beverage. A warm glass of milk or chamomile tea will put you in the right mood to rest. Having a glass of water at your nightstand during the night works well if you middle of the night. wake up in the Snurce Sleep-Better THERE IS NO RECORD OF ANYONE EVER DYING FROM LACK OF SLEEP... EVENTUALLY THEY JUST PASSED OUT. HOWEVER, LACK OF SLEEP CAN MAKE YOU UNHEALTHY IN A NUMBER OF WAYS THAT WILL LEAD TO YOUR EARLY DEMISE. 61

Can you die from lack of sleep?

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Lack of sleep may also result in irritability, blurred vision, slurred speech, memory lapses, overall confusion, hallucinations, decreased sex drive, nausea, psychosis, and eventually death.




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