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Can Washroom Soap Make You Sick?

CAN WASHROOM SOAP MAKE YOU SICK? D MEN WOMEN 1IN4 Refillable bulk soap dispensers is contaminated.' Bulk soap dispensers are the old-fashioned kind, refilled from a jug of soap. HOW DOES IT HAPPEN? Bacteria from fecal matter and other sources can grow inside the dispenser. You can't clean the contamination away... even with bleach.? HAND CONTACT Do restroom attendants always wash their hands? AIRBORNE GERMS Restroom germs in the air find a home when the lid is open VANDALISM Open access- There's no telling FOREIGN what's in there! OBJECTS Ick! All kinds of floaties Soap is dispensed from a permanent nozzle that's rarely cleaned. SO WHAT? Hands can have 25 times more germs after washing with contaminated soap. BEFORE AFTER *Actual petri dish photos. The types of germs found in contaminated dispensers can make you sick. FEVER VOMITING DIARRHEA PINK EYE THERE'S A SAFE ALTERNATIVE. SANITARY SEALEDIM AT THE FACTORY SANITARY SEALED Soap refills lock out germs. Every new soap refill comes with a fresh nozzle. NO GERMS. NO HEALTH RISK. NO GROSS OUT. Take action... STOP THE THREAT! GFORWARD ESIGN Forward this to your Sign our e-petition at to show that you support boss, facility and maintenance manager, HR, or anyone who can the elimination of address this health risk contaminated soap in your workplace. dispensers in public! SANITARY SEALED is a trademark of GOJO Industries, Inc. 1. Chattman M, Maxwell S, Gerba C. 2011. Occurrence of heterotrophic and coliform bacteria in liquid hand soaps from bulk refillable dispensers in public facilities. J Environ Health. 73(7):26-29. 2. Lorenz L, Ramsay B, Goeres D, Fields M, Zapka C, Macinga D. 2012. Evaluation and remediation of bulk soap dispensers for biofilm. Biofouling, 28(1): 99-109. 3. Zapka C, Campbell E, Maxwell S, Gerba C, Dolan M, Arbogast J, Macinga D. 2011. Bacterial hand contamination and transfer after use of contaminated bulk-soap-refillable dispensers. Appl Environ Microbiol. 77(9):2898-2904, 4. Gojo Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria image: CDC/Janice Haney Carr © 2013 GOJO Industries. All rights reserved.

Can Washroom Soap Make You Sick?

shared by InfoNewt on Jul 02
It’s hard to believe, but you could actually walk away with more bacteria on your hands after washing with soap from a refillable bulk soap dispenser in a public restroom. The contamination could ev...


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