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A Calorie is not a Calorie

A CALORIE CALORIE is not LET'S DEBUNK THIS MYTH: "ALL CALORIES SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY" MYTH THIS MYTH IS A DANGEROUS ASSUMPTION THREATENING OUR HEALTH COUNTING CALORIES HAS BEEN MISLEADING! A CALORIE IS A UNIT OF MEASUREMENT Conventionally used to measure the amount of The system dates back to the 1900s; it is useful but also inadequate It fails to accurately reveal what happens to energy from foods once in our body energy that foods produce WE BURN DIFFERENT AMOUNTS OF CALORIES TO DIGEST DIFFERENT FOOD FIBERS PROTEINS FATS You eat 160 calories in almonds, but only absorb 130 because some fiber It takes twice as much energy to metabolize protein than it All fats are 9 calories/gram. But omega-3 fats are heart-healthy, while trans fats will clog your arteries and kill you takes to metabolize carbs calories pass through without metabolizing (more calories are spent in processing it) then CALORIES ARE DIFFERENT DEPENDING ON WHERE THEY COME FROM, THEY HAVE A DIFFERENT EFFECT EATING HEALTHY AND BALANCED FOODS AVOIDS OVERWORKING THE LIVER HIGH-RISK DISEASES REACHED EPIDEMIC LEVELS, AND ARE LINKED TO SUGAR OVERCONSUMPTION TYPE 2 DIABETES, A DANGEROUS METABOLIC DISEASE, IS NOW AN IMMINENT RISK FOR CHILDREN LIVER Sugar is like alcohol for a child. Without limits, sugar can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease The food industry targets customers at early ages, with tactics like those used by the tobacco industry Today, in the U.S. there are 20 years ago, type 2 diabetes was so rarely found in children that cases were reported in medical journals 60,000 children with type 2 diabetes FOODS WITH TONS OF HIDDEN ADDED SUGAR The average breakfast cereal likely exceeds the recommended 5% daily sugar limit for children 61 names like rice Soft drinks contain 74% of all food items in U.S. grocery stores have added sugars syrup, barley malt and fruit juice concentrate all mean sugar 37% of all added sugars consumed in the United States ADDED SUGAR PROVIDES NO NUTRITION AND IS HARMEUL IN HIGH QUANTITY 5 Ibs 5 Ibs 5 Ibs 5 Ibs A PERSON CONSUMES 90 LBS OF ADDED SUGAR PER YEAR, 1/2 OF THIS IS IN FOODS YOU DON'T KNOW HAVE IT THROUGH MISLEADING ADVERTISING Food corporations promote grossly unhealthy products as routes to "happiness". They use sophisticated manipulation techniques to increase consumption, undermining public health THE TRUTH IS THAT the quality of calories is more important than the quantity of calories. Real food conveys health not disease THE FOOD BUSINESS IS NOT IN THE HEALTH BUSINESS SUGAR HAS ADDICTIVE PROPERTIES SUGAR IS A CHEAP PRESERVATIVE High doses alter our hormones, so we feel hungrier and we buy more It helps to extend the shelf life of foods maximizing profits THE FOOD INDUSTRY HAS PUT US WAY OVER OUR LIMIT: LIKE ALCOHOL, A LITTLE SUGAR IS FINE, BUT A LOT IS NOT SUGAR IN EXCESS IS Added sugar is a food additive, not a food. It causes Increasing total calories has little effect on diabetes prevalence-unless those calories are from added sugar metabolic disorders in both overweight and thin people TOXIC One fourth of the world's Consuming just one sugary beverage/day increases your risk of diabetes by 29% diabetes is caused by sugar alone IF THIN PEOPLE GET SICK THEN IT'S NOT BEHAVIOR, IT'S AN EXPOSURE ▼ AN INDUSTRIAL EPIDEMIC THAT CONTINUES TO GROW 1,500 American soldiers lost a limb in combat during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars Unlike infectious diseases - like malaria, tuberculosis, or AIDS - industrial epidemics are driven by corporations for profits ▼ DURING THAT SAME PERIOD 1.5 million people in the U.S. lost limbs to amputations from Type 2 diabetes, a preventable disease Processed foods and drinks are more profitable than nutrient-rich foods GOVERNMENT'S JOB IS TO LIMIT EXPOSURE BUT COMMITMENT FROM INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMUNITIES IS VITAL EAT BETTER AND EXERCISE WE CAN MAKE CHANGE TEACH CHILDREN BY MODELING ANALYZE MISLEADING ADS AWARENESS ACTION ADVOCACY EDUCATE OURSELVES SCRUTINIZE FOOD LABELS IS TO END FOOD-RELATED ILLNESS AND TO SHAPE THE QUR MISSIUN WAY FOOD IS PRODUCED, MARKETED AND DISTRIBUTED. SWEET REVENGE TUG THE TES ROC ROE WE WILL FUEL THE GROWING UNDERSTANDING THAT HIGH LEVELS OF ADDED SUGAR CAUSE FOOD-RELATED ILLNESSES LIKE DIABETES, OBESITY, HEART DISEASE AND FATTY LIVER DISEASE,. In Sweet Revenge Dr. Robert Lustig explains that: • Obesity is not the real problem • All calories are not equal • Hormones can make us sick or healthy • Sugar calories are dangerous to our liver and lives • There are practical ways to eat less processed food ORDER A COPY OF SWEET REVENGE BY MAKING A CHARITABLE GIFT TO THE INSTITUTE FOR RESPONSIBLE NUTRITION (IRN): WWW.RESPONSIBLEFOODS.ORG An Infographic brought to you by: The Institute for Responsible Nutrition P.O. Box 14455, San Francisco, CA 94114-0455 Designed by Institute for Responsible Nutrition IRN is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

A Calorie is not a Calorie

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Why aren't all calories the same? Dr. Lustig's famous statement "a calorie is not a calorie" has baffled many. Most people have lived their entire lives believing that calorie counting and exercise a...




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