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Caffeine: Sources and Health Effects Intake

CAFFEINE: WHERE CAFFEINE IS HIDING ? SOURCES AND 1 cup of coffee Analysis of Caffeinated Beverage Use HEALTH EFFECTS INTAKE contains YAlertness Concentration Extra Energy No Reason Taste 90-130 mg of caffeine GOURMANDIA 27% AVG DAILY CONSUMPTION WORLDWIDE - 76 MG -25 MG MAIN SOURCES OF CAFFEINE- CHOCOLATE 35% ICE CREAM .NET COFFEE TEA +] 1/4 CUP = 3 MG 8% 14% 16% SOURCES: wwW.HC-SC.GC.CA www.COFFEEFASHION.COM American Coffee-Drinking Habits POTATO CHIPS JOLT GUM 2PCS. = 1 CUP OF COFFEE HOW CA FFEINE CAN AFFECT YOUR HEALTH 175MG PER 1.75 of Americans who 400/ of coffee OZ BAG 65% drink coffee each 68% drinkers have 57% added sugar 54% agreed that or sweet- ener to their brew "coffee makes me feel more like myself" IA AR consume an their first cup within an hour of waking up average of 13 cups of coffee per week. SUNFLO WER SEEDS BREATH MINTS 1 PC. - 7MG INSOMIA BREATHING DIARRHEA DIZZINESS 140 MG PROBLEMS 35% of coffee Three out of five drinkers prefer their coffee black The average coffee cup size Say "I need a cup of coffee to start my day." 9oz. PERKY 3 WEIG HT LOSS PILLS JERKY 150 MG / OUNCE INCREASE URINATION INCREASED THIRST 1,223 MG FEVER VOMITING

Caffeine: Sources and Health Effects Intake

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Caffeine is consumed as a natural part of coffee, tea, chocolate and certain flavours (e.g. those derived from kola and guarana), and may be added to carbonated soft drinks. When used in food, caffein...


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