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Building a Better Mammogram

| Building a Better MAMMOGRAM BREAKING DOWN Digital Mammogram Types 2D MAMMOGRAPHY 3D MAMMOGRAPHY Also called breast tomosynthesis Traditional Breast compressed to flatten tissue Breast compressed to flatten tissue X-rays taken of top and side 15 low-dose X-rays taken from multiple angles Sophisticated computer A transmission image is produced which is composed of the entire thickness of the tissue added together and projected on the image receptor (formerly film) program reconstructs between 40 and 60 thin slices of tissue through the breast in order to separate normal and abnormal structures in the breast, including masses Images show 1 mm layers of tissue WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW About 30 Mammography Prep is same as with 2D mammography 3D images taken during the same compression of the breast immediately after 2D images Slight increase in radiation Takes only a few seconds longer than 2D Radiation still well below federal guidelines SHOULD YOU GET A 2D OR 3D Breast Mammogram? 3D allows the radiologist to look "inside" the breast rather than through all layers at once Not an either/or decision 2D and 3D work best together Combining gives most detailed view of the breast Need 2D for comparison to previous exams, for calcifications, and to get an overall picture of the breasts 3D performed during same session as 2D BENEFITS OF ADDING a 30 Mammogram 2D MAMMOGRAPHY has difficulty separating masses from normal dense tissue 3D MAMMOGRAPHY shows tissue layers for detailed view Can obscure abnormal growths, such as cancer 20% improved breast cancer detection Can look abnormal when it is not, due to overlapping layers of normal structures 40% reduction in call-backs for repeat tests COSTS This is a new technology that is approved by the FDA Many insurance companies have still not adapted to this change Concord Imaging does not charge patients more Some imaging centers charge patients $50-100 more for tomosynthesis Submits an additional charge only to your insurance company PROVIDED BY SOURCES: concord imaging showcase/services/3d-mam- mography-%28aka-breast-tomosynthesis%2 9/796491 http://www.radiologysananto- st-tomosynthesis-%28aka-3-d-mammograp hy%29.html phy-frequently-asked- cer/ÉmergingAreasinEarlyDetection.html

Building a Better Mammogram

shared by BrittSE on Mar 05
2D mammography has difficulty separating masses from normal dense tissue. 3D mammography shows tissue layers for detailed view. Discover more reasons to combine 3D and 2D mammography on this infograph...


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