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Bro Science: Reddit's Guide to Fitness

Greatst REDDIT'S GUIDE TO FITNESS The Fitness Reddit – commonly known as Fittit - is a vibrant community of individuals sharing their knowledge, tips, and questions about all things related to achieving fitness goals. We've compiled some of the most popular and effective Fittit info into this guide, perfect for anyone hoping to build muscle, lose fat, and work out smarter. DISCLAIMER This information comes from the Fitness subreddit's users and is not intended to take the place of medical advice. Consult your physician before starting a new nutrition and training plan (obviously). FROM FAT TO FIT MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES DRINK WATER first thing in the morning and before meals to help prevent overeating. Use a WATER CALCULATOR to find out how much water to drink. Use PORTION CONTROL at meals Sleep 8 TO 9 HOURS PER NIGHT. EXERCISE CARDIO RESISTANCE TRAINING 3 DAYS/WEEK: 20-30 min. light cardio 3 TO 4 DAYS/WEEK: 45-60 min. Work up to Workouts 45-60 min cardio focusing on compound exercises, like squats Workouts 4 TO 5 DAYS/WEEK 12 GYMLESS? ) 60 MACGYVER! Find - Boulder Lift it from the ground to chest. Itriant 99 Heavy rock • Keg • Log * Sandbag • Planche progression - Handstand pushups • Bridges • Pistols - Glute ham raises. - jiujitsuplus EQUIPMENT Cushioned shoes - like running shoes - reduce the force of impact. - penswritethings 99 WHICH SHOES? Shoes without built-in cushioning Cons? Squatting in Chuck Taylors looks cool. - and-hank-mardukas 99 66 LACKING MOTIVATION TO LOSE WEIGHT? 66 - like Fila Skeletoes and Vibram Five Fingers - allow more direct power transfer.- chunkwagen BUY new running shoes. - 9 Minimalistic shoes are good for weight lifting and are padded for running. CHEAPEST DIET FOR BULKING UP/LIFTING WEIGHTS? Drink a gallon of milk a day. - wantonballbag Eggs and O tuna - lyrus9 Ground beef - bentreflection 99 POST-WORKOUT ) SNACK? 66 Tuna A hint of pepper - basicxenocide 99 Cottage cheeše Tomato SICK OF TUNA? TRY SNACKING ON THESE AFTER WORKING OUT: Low-fat cottage cheese - ouni99 66 Smoothies with cottage cheese, frozen fruit, banana - vock 99 66 Blend a quart of cottage cheese with a Crystal Light packet. - flimtotheflam 99 FOOD CHOICES A SEASONAL FRUIT 7 VEGETABLES - Broccoli - Carrots · Peppers - Garlic - Spinach - Tomato - Artichokes Onions - Celery • Cabbage O PROTEIN - Canadian bacon · Lean beef - Lean turkey • Salmon - Tuna • Tilapia • Shrimp - Shellfish • Whole eggs - Red kidney beans . Pinto beans • Lima beans • Chickpeas - Black-eyed peas- Lentils - All-natural peanut and almond butter · Almonds · Walnuts • Pecans • Seeds (unsalted, raw) GRAINS • Oats · Bran - Fiber - Flax - Barley · Bread - Pasta • Pita • Wraps · Bagels - Brown rice . Couscous . Quinoa * DAIRY - Cheese - Cottage cheese • Milk (whole) - Yogurt BE CAREFUL with eating fats - they can add up easily. 7 OTHER FOODS • Olive oil • Preserves . Coconut · All-natural honey • Dark chocolate • Peanuts • Coffee and tea • Herbs - Spices GOMAD – GALLON OF 2 (WHOLE) MILK A DAY – DIET Good diet if you struggle to gain weight. Start off with 1/4 GOMAD and SLOWLY WORK YOUR WAY UP. - zahrada 9 Aim for 1-2 Ibs of weight gain a week; lower milk consumption if you're noticing anything more rapid. O EASY O FAST CHEAP WAY TO GAIN WEIGHT. weight gain in first 25LBS month is Protein and fat build muscle. Liquid food is EÁSIER TO DIGEST. common. No cooking or food prep required. • Natural 1 GALLON = 4 LITERS Teaches you to take more calories in. CONTAINS 2400 kcal 200 gr Carbs 120 gr Fat Eating more food may not be possible. 120 gr Protein ON GOMAD? WHAT'S THE BEST EXERCISE? Vitamins & Minerals • Squats • Deadlifts Benchpress LACTOSE INTOLERANT AND ON GOMAD? Drink Lactaid. - spiteful_life Use lactase pills in milk. - dyllos 99 66 Eat a 66 Although DEAD is only 1/3 protein of GOMAD. 1/3 DOZEN EGGS A DAY (DEAD). dyllos 99 Need to do 2DEAD or 3DEAD. - mygodwhathaveidone 99 HAVING A HARD TIME GETTING CLEAN CARBS IN? WHEY PROTEIN S Blend a tub of oatmeal. Add a cup or two to your protein shakes. Quick, easy way to get clean carbs. 99 Blend using Magic Bullet. Add wheat germ and psyllium husk to protein shakes. - arenales 99 - mattgs618 99 FIT DIET TIPS 1OIFOOD has ONE purpose: to fuel your activities, body, and mind. - silverhydra 99 66 Look at fast feast 16 HR 8 HR EACH DAY Intermittent fasting, carb/fat cycling, heavy lifting. pizzapops 99 If you had good pre-workout nutrition, post-workout nutrition can be more lax. AN HOUR OR TWO OF WORKING OUT. Just make sure you eat within O EAT, BUT DON'T OVEREAT DOS AND ) DON'TS V DO EAT Grains, an excellent carb source for the active individual - Lean meat: It has all the fat you need EAT CLEAN WEEK #1 WEEK #2 WEEK #3 Eliminate soda Eliminate fast food Eliminate junk food A can of tuna (in water, not oil) or boneless/skinless chicken once a day Cottage cheese e Fruit e Yummy! • Beans daily - Oatmeal - buy a large tub of unflavored oats 66 Eat fruit after your workout. - ele7ven 99 66 If you need help cutting calories, STICK WITH LOW-SUGAR FRUITS. Filling and low cal Eat them at every meal Berries Apples -Pears Peaches Plums myfittitacct1 99 7 SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK • Creatine monohydrate - Beta alanine Allow yourself a CHEAT MEAL on Sunday PROTEIN MULTI BETA OMEGA- CREATINE - silverhydra • Whey • Daily -Omega-3 fish/ flax oil protein multivitamin X DON 'T EAT Junk food, prepackaged food, or anything with added sugar or salt - Starchy vegetables O High-fructose corn syrup O Artificial colors or flavors FROM SKINNY TO FIT • Sleep more Increase food intake WHAT IS A >) SKINNY-FAT PERSON? - Little muscle mass or definition A person who is not obeše or round • Pear-shaped body member yourfriendlane – suggested: Another member oiscout -commented: • BULKING • CUTTING Eating more protein, cutting fast/ junk food, 66 Bulking up and cutting requires adherence to a clean diet and tracking of nutrients. 99 and drinking plenty of water. 99 SQUATS, DEADLIFTS, TRAINING, AND MORE -Compound exercise; uses more muscles than in isolation SQUATS Results in more muscle in glutes Deep squat · Correct squatting form leads to fewer knee and hip injuries. 212 STRETCH MARKS? Prevent stretch marks by starting at a . lower weight and · slowly increasing. - Stretch marks will fade to white, before becoming invisible. DEADLIFTS Increase muscles in core ) STARTING STRENGTH PROGRAM Learn to lift properly; try the Starting Strength prográm The beginning program is simple and will help you make big gains fast: WORKOUT A 1. • 1x5 deadlifts . Зx5 benchpress 3x5 squats WORKOUT B 3x5 squats 5x3 power cleans 3x5 press WORKOUTS A AND B ALTERNATE ON 3 NONCONSECUTIVE DAYS PER WEEK. HIIT – HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING BURNS in short, high- intensity FAT workouts WORKOUTS ARE FAST - Warm-up 6 TO 10 of high-intensity exercise interspersed by reps of REPS medium intensity Cool-down period period - Lose up to more fat than cardio workout XБ. VOLTIER INFOGRAPHIC DESIGN BY: JDIGITAL SPECIAL THANKS TO: |fitocracy SOURCES tential.html XX8

Bro Science: Reddit's Guide to Fitness

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Fittit is an online community where people can share information about fitness and health. This infographic is a compilation of some of Fitiit's most common and popular posts, to show what is the best...


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