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Breast Cancer - It's Not the Only One That Needs Your Support

BREASTZI CANCER IT'S NOT THE ONLY ONE Let's Spread Awareness for Other Cancers Campaigns for breast cancer awareness have gotten our attention in many ways, from donations to screenings. In the past 30 years, there's been a 131% INCREASE IN MAMMOGRAM RATES FOR WOMEN OVER 40! But other deadly cancers don't have the same recognition, and it's time to spread the awareness. WHERE IS BREAST CANCER DONATION MONEY REALLY GOING? In 2013, a major breast cancer research organization received $269,997,178 in contributions, sponsorships, and entry fees for their events Their former CEO earned a salary of 2$ That's over $684,000 5X $ $ in 2013 $ the average salary $ $ for a charity CEO! THE SAME GROUP THE ORGANIZATION IS ACTUALLY 50% CUTTING FUNDING ALLOCATION TO RESEARCH spent 37% of total 29% 18% 2008 money raised on donations education/ awareness 37% |*44% through 201O, 43% in 2012 2011, and 44% in 2012 donations 2010 2011 2012 DESPITE CUTS IN RESEARCH FUNDING, U.S. BREAST CANCER SURVIVAL RATES ARE IMPROVING! From 2002 to 2011, mortality rates have fallen 1.9% annually on average WITH ADVANCED DETECTION Mammograms reduce risk of death by 50% 15-339% U.S. breast cancer mortality for women fell 34% LOWER DEATH RATES, from 1990 to 2010, due to or more! IT SEEMS LIKE BREAST CANCER Improvements Early detection AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS ARE in treatment REALLY WORKING! NATIONAL SPENDING SHOULD FOCUS ON OTHER DEADLY CANCERS 2014 Projected NIH Research Expenditures for 10 Common Cancer Sites in the U.S., Listed from Most to Least Deadly Lung & bronchus cancers have been the #1 killer of men since the LUNG "50s and of women since the '80s $213M 159,260 deaths 224,210 new cases COLORECTAL $288M 50,310 deaths 136,830 new cases BREAST $674M 40,430 deaths (men and women) 235,030 new cases (men and women) PANCREAS $128M 39,590 deaths 146.420 new cases TIN 37 PROSTATE Men have the same lifetime likelihood of dying from prostate cancer that women $294M do of dying from breast cancer 29,480 deaths 233,000 new cases LIVER 1 $73M 23,000 deaths 33,190 new cases NON-HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA $239M 18,990 deaths 70,800 new cases BRAIN $287M 14,320 deaths 1 23.380 new cases OVARY $137M 14,270 deaths 1 21,980 new cases UTERUS 1 $40M 8,590 deaths 52,630 new cases IT'S CLEAR: BREAST CANCER ISN'T THE ONLY ONE THAT NEEDS YOUR HELP YOU PROBABLY KNOW OCTOBER IS BREAST CANCER > Did you know that most months are cancer AWARENESS MONTH awareness months? II-- TANI "Movember," where men grow out their mustaches for the month, is starting to raise awareness on the seriousness of testicular and prostate cancers • STIGMAS COULD BE A LEADING REASON WHY WE DON'T DISCUSS SOME CANCERS Colorectal cancer is stigmatized for its location on the body NEARLY I IN 3 male colorectal cancer Lung cancer is often blamed on Colorectal and lung cancer patients felt some type of smoking – but 16,000 - 24,000 patients may also experience stigma related to their illness nonsmokers die of lung cancer stigma-related depression every year WHAT YOU CAN DO TO CONTRIBUTE CHARITIES GOAL Identify a specific goal (for example, Don't donate to a telemarketer! Double-check the name of the charity: colorectal cancer screenings for many have very similar names but very seniors in your community) and only If you like a phone pitch, hang up, do different scruples donate to charities that will use your your research, and if you like what money the way you want you see and it's a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization, donate direct CH RITIES $$$ Pay attention to a charity's Do your research on their financial How can you do all this? Utilize If you find an organization you like, accountability and transparency to reports, which should be available resources like Charity Navigator support them for the long haul avoid having your funds misused on their websites and GuideStar to make sure the charity uses donations wisely BREAST CANCER AWARENESS IS SUCCEEDING! NOW YOU CAN MAKE THE CHOICE TO SUPPORT RESEARCH AGAINST OTHER DEADLY CANCERS. SOURCES: American Cancer Society. Breast Cancer Facts & Figures 2013-2014. Atlanta: American Cancer Society, Inc. 2013. VCNxyfmQwpo American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts & Figures 2014 FactsFigures2014/lifetime-probability-23sites-2014.pdf Phelan, S. M., Griffin, J. M., Jackson, G. L., Zafar, S. Y., Hellerstedt, W., Stahre, M., Nelson, D., Zullig, L. L., Burgess, D. J. and van Ryn, M. (2013), Stigma, perceived blame, self-blame, and depressive symptoms in men with colorectal cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 22: 65-73. doi: 10.1002/pon.2048 Gonzalez, B. D. and Jacobsen, P. B. (2012), Depression in lung cancer patients: the role of perceived stigma. Psycho-Oncology, 21: 239-246. doi: 10.1002/pon.1882

Breast Cancer - It's Not the Only One That Needs Your Support

shared by snellis on Nov 21
Everyone knows there is a lot of awareness for Breast Cancer, but what about for the men and their Prostates? We should give out ribbons shaped as Mustaches during Movember.


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