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Brand Style Guide For Your Healthcare Startup

BRAND STYLE GUIDE FOR YOUR HEALTHCARE STARTUP Want to convert your startup into a brand? You can by executing a branding style guide with all the necessary visual information needed to make an identity for your healthcare startup. Your startup needs a logo, color palette, suitable typeface and a lot more. To find out, keep reading. LOGO DESIGN Stay professional in the healthcare industry with these tips. CONVENTIONAL SYMBOLS CADUCEUS FIRST AID STAR OF LIFE C CREST RED CROSS MODERN ICONS aCounsyl BRIDGECREST MEDICAL- SIMPLE SHAPES GEOMETRIC MOTIF Wildflower Health HEALTH GORILLA Secure Clinical Network HEALTH EQUIPMENT PLANT, TREE, FLOWER ANIMAL: MAMMALS LOGO DIMENSIONS SURROUNDING SPACE YOUR LOGO MUST HAVE 2 YOUR STARTUP'S LOGO MUST HAVE SIZE RANGES. CLEAR BREATHING SPACE AROUND IT. 1 Maximum: 1/8th of canvas Use the percentage formula according to the width and height of your logo 50% 100% 50% LOGO 50% 50% 50% 100% 50% 2 Minimum: 1.75" to 2.50" The 1 unit tactic by using a design element of your logo as a guide 1.75" LOGO AT SATELLITE HEALTH CARE Clear Zone = 1 'A' Unit 1 Unit 2.50" TAGLINE POSITION SOME HEALTHCARE COMPANIES GOT TAGLINES, OTHERS DON'T. IF YOU DO, THEN HERE ARE THE POSSIBILITIES. Pyramid Healthcare Sólutions NOVARTIS pharmaphorum. oirging healthcare together ZEST HEALTH 3e smarter. Buy better. FULL STRETCH NO TAGLINE RIGHT ALIGNED CENTER ALIGNED STARTUP LOGO STYLES wello FIND YOUR FIT genomera SubjectWell Flat design Minimalism 3 colors max Negative space LOGO USAGE RULES Only use the approved logo design DESIGN COMPAN Y TAGLINE Don't use logo in unapproved colors DESIGN COMPAN Y TAGLINE Never alter or stretch proportions DESIGN COMPANY TAGLINE Attach agreed elements to the logo DESIGN COMPANY TAGLINE Avoid altering the logo orientation DESIGN COMPANY TAGLIN E BRAND COLORS ONE STANDARD COLOR PALETTE IS USED ACROSS YOUR BRAND IDENTITY. COLOR PALETTES Warm - inspiration Glaxo Smith Kline | CMYK: 2, 49, 100, 0 HEX: #F19520 CMYK: 7,91, 100, 1 CMYK: 0, 5, 26,O CMYK: 9, 96, 100, 1 RGB: 241, 149, 32 HEX: #DF3F26 HEX: #FFEFC4 CMYK: 4, 79, 100,0 HEX: #D92F27 RGB: 223, 63, 38 RGB: 255, 239, 196 HEX: #E65C25 RGB: 217, 47, 39 RGB: 230, 92, 37 Cool - inspiration Assorted brands CMYK: 78, 7, 49, 0 CMYK: 100. 88, 33, 23 CMYK: 81, 56, 40, 17 CMYK: 79, 38, 0,0 HEX: #00AC99 HEX: #1E3463 CMYK: 89, 55, 13, 1 HEX: #186DA5 HEX: #3C5E73 RGB: 0, 172, 153 RGB: 30, 52, 99 HEX: #2587C8 RGB: 60, 94, 115 RGB: 37, 135, 200 RGB: 24, 109, 165 Modern – inspiration Merck | CMYK: 0, 19, 100, 0 CMYK: 70, 4, 18,0 HEX: #FFCD05 CMYK: 85, 100, 11, 3 CMYK: 0, 99, 80, 0 HEX: #28B7CD HEX: #522D82 CMYK: 8, 97, 0,0 RGB: 255, 205, 5 RGB: 40, 283, 205 HEX: #EE1E3B HEX: #DB1E8E RGB: 82, 45, 130 RGB: 238, 30, 59 RGB: 219, 30, 14 COLOR TINT FORMULA 100% 80% 40% 20% BRANDING STATIONERY ESSENTIAL FOR EFFECTIVE B2B AND B2C COMMUNICATIONS. LOGO PLACEMENT LOGO LOGO LOGO Left on letterheads Left on envelope Right on business cards STANDARD FONTS Futura Helvetica BODONI Univers Georgia Arial MARGINS FOR PRINT FONT SIZE GUIDE For outer edges - 0.25" to 0.5" Grid Gutter - not more than 0.2" SIZET Maximum: 160pt + Textarea Text area SIZE I SIZE Margin Gutter Page edge Minimum: 9pt to 21pt PRODUCT PACKAGING LABELING Them d p d Loenparea h d ha edale mat by Lom ipunais bl the aaly Threm osolpg Lan n aat emerh DEVICES n l ueeh d varde Utensil bags are transparent Hazards defined by symbols Effects and method in text: 9pt+ BOTTLES Front label: name, logo, purpose Back label: instructions, price, barcode Separate colors for different brands Thue are mary varialora d paaguof Lavm ipun aabi bt th maprly BRAND whih dort k anstete.F ya a girg o apgd lern pan ya ned o bsue thure krl BRAND BLISTER PACKS BRANU 10 BRA BRANU BRAND BRA BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND Logo repeatedly printed on back side See-through front for pill visibility Back: aluminum foil or paper board BRAND BRAND BRAND AND BF BRAND BRAN AND BR BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAN BRAND BRAND RAND BRAND BRAND RAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRA BRAND BRAND BRAND BRA BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND B BRAND BRANO BRAND B BRAND BRANO BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND BRAND MARKETING IMAGERY PHOTOGRAPHS FONT SIZE VARIATION Рeople Plants Headline LOREM IPSUM DOLOR SIT AMET, CONSECTETUR ADI Byline Sed consectetur massa mauris, in pulvinar ex Subhead SEMPER ID. IN ET MAGNA A LACUS Molestie lobortis vitae id purus. Integer rutrum risus ac nisl sodales malesuada. Suspendisse non eleifend magna. Body copy Maecenas sed urna suscipit, Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed consectetur massa mauris, in pulvinar ex semper id. In et magna a lacus molestie lobortis vitae id purus. Sed consectetur massa mauris, in Pull Quote pulvinar ex semper id. In et magna a lacus molestie lobortis Landscape Machines Sources: Id-eng,.php#a3433 thJnk design SPINN ING DESIGN IDE A S

Brand Style Guide For Your Healthcare Startup

shared by logodesignguru on Feb 20
Convert your healthcare startup into a brand. Use this A to Z branding style guide to develop and execute a brand identity. You need a brand identity - which includes a logo, branding stationery, and ...


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