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Bowel Cancer Overview

BOWEL CANCER: AN OVERVIEW 42.747 CASES UK / 2011 RISK PROFILE MALES 65+ nd 21 rd DEADLIEST CANCER MOST COMMON CANCER WHAT IS B OWEL CANCER? POLYP BENIGN (HARMLESS) LARGE INTESTINE MALIGNANT (CANCEROUS) 1. PRIMARY CANCER STAYS IN THE BOWEL SECONDARY CANCER (METASTASES) CANCEROUS CELLS MULTIPLY AND SPREAD TO NEARBY TISSUES AND ORGANS SUCH AS LIVER, LUNGS AND LYMPH NODES. SYMPTOMS Changed bowel habits such as diarrhoea, constipation, or smaller, more frequent bowel movements Unusual appearance of bowel movements such as narrower stools or mucus in stools Bloated feeling in the bowel or rectum or a feeling that the bowel hasn't emptied completely after a bowel movement Blood in the stools or on the toilet paper Unexplained weight loss Zz Weakness or fatigue Abdominal pain or pain around the rectum A lump in the rectal area or swelling Low level of red blood cells, known as anaemia DIAGNOSIS BARIUM ENEMA This test uses X-rays to get images of the colon and rectum by inserting a barium- filled tube into the rectum which is then released into the colon. COLONOSCOPY Examines the whole length of the large bowel via inserting a flexible tube with a camera on the end into the anus and up into the rectum and colon. FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY This test is similar to colonoscopy except that it allows the doctor to see the rectum and the left side of the lower part of the colon. CT SCAN, MRI SCAN AND ULTRASOUND These tests use X-ray beams, radio waves, magnetic and sound waves, to detect the tumors. BIOPSY This is the final confirmation of the diagnosis and it involves taking a small sample of bodily tissues through a colonoscopy cor sigmoidoscopy. TREATMENTS PRE-SURGERY SURGERY POST-SURGERY ADJUVANT DOWNSTAGING COLECTOMY CHEMOTHERAPY The surgeon eliminates the cancer-containing part of the colon. The Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are normally used to shrink the tumors before removal. remaining two ends of the bowel are then joined together with stitches or staples. Helps stop the cancer coming back or spreading to other parts of the body. COLOSTOMY The bowel isn't put together but one end is brought through an opening in the abdomen called stoma that allows waste material to leave the body. PREVENTION Berries Kiwis Grapefruits Un nut oil Cruciferous Oily fish vegetables Brown rice Oats Buckwheat Quinoa Anti-oxidant rich & bacteria fighting fruits Fibre Rich Healthy Fats Diet Cook in low Probiotics And Prebiotics to medium temperatures Fermented vegetables Yogurt Kefir Asparagus Artichoke Chicory Spices Buy Organic Produce Turmeric Ginger Garlic Do regular screening checks for early changes in the bowel lining, or signs of a bowel cancer, if you are in the risk age group or have any relevant symptoms. Sources: Join the conversation: Bowel Cancer UK y @MIAMI_HMH Beating Bowel Cancer #HMHDISCOVERY #BowelCancer World Cancer Research Fund International #LiftTheLid MIAMI" Powered by Handle My Health Share:

Bowel Cancer Overview

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A 2014 Overview of Bowel Cancer to show Handle My Health support during Bowel Cancer Awareness month.


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