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Boost Your Mood Naturally

Boost your Mood Naturalliy MUNCHING FOR A MUCH HAPPIER MOOD LOOK FOR FOODS THAT RELEASE FEEL-GOOD BRAIN CHEMICALS AND ARE RICH IN OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS. COLD WATER FISH Excellent source of EPA and DHA AND/OR FISH OIL Omega-3 derivatives Help reverse the effects of depression BLUEGREEN ALGAE E3 live is a freshwater algae and offers one of the best natural sources of phenylethylamine (pea) E3 LIVE A natural mood elevator and anti-depressant Helps improve attention, concentration, and memory, and helps stabilize mood swings Good source of EPA and DHA SAFFRON Studies have shown it can work as effectively as prozac in treating mild to moderate depression Helps raise serotonin and other mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain BRAZIL NUTS Richest known source of selenium, a trace mineral that can improve mood Feel the effects by eating just 1-2 nuts a day SUPERFOODS ARE RICHER IN VITAMINS, MINERALS, NUTRIENTS, ELECTROLYTES, AND PHYTONUTRIENTS, AND LOWER IN CALORIES THAN OTHER FOODS. MACA POWDER PURE, RAW ORGANIC CACAO CERTIFIED ORGANIC CACAO POWDER MACA POWDER I Root from Peru 1 Chocolate in its original, raw, pure form I Mainly in powder form for easy export I Available in bean and powder form I Helps balance hormones, decrease stress levels, and enhance strength, stamina, and libido 1 Aids in weight loss I Rich in essential vitamins 1 Provides energy and endurance 1 Contains tryptophan, a mood-enhancer that increases energy COCONUT SPIRULINA WATER, FLESH/MEAT, OIL, AND BUTTER I Water inside the coconut has electrolytes I A Blue-Green Algae, which thrives in alkaline lakes 1 Contains kinetin, which helps keep the coconut young and has same effect on the human body 1 Available in powder and tablet form 1 Contains more than 65% of complete protein 1 Coconut meat is high in protein and fiber I Rich in chlorophyl, iron (about 58 times more than spinach), antioxidants, beta-carotene, and essential fatty acids Omega-3 and 6 1 Coconut oil and butter are a great source of saturated fat I Helps supports the immune system, thyroid gland, nervous system, and skin GOJI BERRY HEMPSEED AND OIL GOJI BERRY НЕМР SEED RAW SHELLED HEMP SEEDS I Fruit found in Asia and America 1 Packed with enzymes 1 Usually dried before being exported I Rich in Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, which help improve brain function 1 Complete source of protein and amino acids I Boost immune system, balance essential fatty acids, and 1 Contains many trace mineral and vitamins decrease inflammation I Rich in antioxidants I Helps improve vision, and boost libido, sexual function, and immune system FLAXSEED AND OIL 100% WHOLE GRAIN FLAXSEED 1 Contains Omega-3 and 6 in perfect balance for the human body 1 Vital for brain function, energy production, oxygen transfer, and immune strength 1 Omega-3s help prevent inflammation and many degenerative conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke HABITS FORA HAPPIER YOU TRY ADOPTING SOME OF THESE HABITS TO IMPROVE YOUR MOOD YOGA TRY THESE YOGA POSES TO IMPROVE YOUR MOOD: DOWNWARD FACING DOG CIRCULATES BLOOD TO THE HEAD AND STRETCHES BACK STEP 1 GET DOWN ON ALL FOURS WITH HANDS UNDER SHOULDERS STEP 2 PRESS INTO HANDS AND LIFT HIPS UP ON AN EXHALE STEP 3 HOLD POSE KEEPING SPINE STRAIGHT FORWARD BEND STRETCHES BACK AND HAMSTRINGS STEP 1 STAND TALL WITH FEET HIP-WIDTH APART STEP 2 INHALE AND RAISE ARMS ABOVE HEAD STEP 3 EXHALE AND BEND FORWARD, KEEPING SPINE LONG AND STRAIGHT WITH A SLIGHT BEND IN THE KNEES STEP 4 SLOWLY CURL UP TO STANDING WARRIOR 2 INCREASES LEG, BACK, AND ARM STRENGTH STEP 1 STEP RIGHT FOOT BACK 4 FEET AND TURN IT 90° TO THE RIGHT STEP 2 TURN LEFT FOOT SLIGHTLY IN AND ADJUST TORSO SO IT FACES YOUR RIGHT STEP 3 INHALE AND RAISE ARMS OUT, SHOULDER BLADE WIDTH APART AND PALMS DOWN POWER POSTURE SITTING UP STRAIGHT POSITIVELY INFLUENCES PEOPLES' FEELINGS OF SELF-CONFIDENCE HOW TO HOLD "POWER POSTURE" HOLD FOR 2 MINUTES STEP 1 HOLD AN OPEN AND EXPANSIVE POSTURE STEP 2 TAKE UP SPACE STEP 3 PUT HANDS ON HIPS AND SPREAD FEET OR LEAN BACK IN CHAIR AND SPREAD ARMS 25% 20% DECREASE IN CORTISOL, HELPING TO REDUCE STRESS INCREASE IN TESTOSTERONE, HELPING TO BOOST CONFIDENCE ACUPUNCTURE INCREASES PRODUCTION OF NEUROTRANSMITTERS ENDORPHINS, SEROTONIN, AND DOPAMINE THE TAN-ZHONG POINT Midpoint between the center of the breasts ACCUPUNCTURE POINT ASSOCIATED WITH MOOD ENHANCING POINT WHERE THE CHEST ENERGY NGREGATES PROVIDES ENERGY FOR THE HEART AND HAS CLOSE RELATIONSHIP WITH EMOTIONS MASSAGE CLOCKWISE WITH FOUR FINGERS, 100 TIMES FOR 2-3 MINUTES WHEN FEELING SAD, UPSET, OR ANGRY MEDITATION WHEN PRACTICED ON A DAILY BASIS IT CAN TRAIN THE MIND TO RELAX AND RELEASE STRESS STEP 1 FIND A COMFORTABLE POSITION SITTING UPRIGHT AT YOUR KITCHEN TABLE BEHIND THE STEERING WHEEL OF PARKED CAR LAYING ON BED SITTING ON THE FLOOR ISN'T NECESSARY STEP 2 CLOSE EYES AND LENGTHEN BREATH FOR VISUAL LEARNERS: IMAGINE YOUR BODY RECEIVING AND RELEASING HEALING GOLDEN LIGHT AS YOU BREATH FOR AUDITORY LEARNERS: PRACTICE COUNTING SLOWLY TO EIGHT AS YOU BREATH DON'T WORRY ABOUT GETTING DISTRACTED JUST REFOCUS ON THE BREATH STEP 3 CHOOSE AN AMOUNT OF TIME SET A TIMER AND RELEASE EXPECTATIONS AS BRIEF AS 5 MINUTES CAN HAVE AN IMPACT EVERYONE EXPERIENCES BOUTS OF STRESS, SADNESS, AND ANGER. IT'S HOW WE RESPOND TO THESE MOODS THAT CAN AFFECT HOW LONG THEY LAST. EATING HEALTHY FOODS AND PARTICIPATING IN MOOD-BOOSTING ACTIVITIES WILL HELP YOU TAKE BETTER CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: HEALTH PERCH GHERGICH&Co. SOURCES:

Boost Your Mood Naturally

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Everyone feels blue every once in a while – or just has an off-day mood wise. has created an infographic entitled "Boost Your Mood Naturally", offering you some tips and tricks...


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