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The BMI of Real women vs Celebrities

Real Women's Bodies VS Celebrity Bodies The perceived ideal female form has changed greatly over the decades. Twenty years ago models weighed, on average, 8% less than the average American, but now weigh 23% less. Body Mass Index - BMI DANGEROUSLY UNDERWEIGHT HEALTHY OVERWEIGHT OBESE UNDERWEIGHT <15.0 15.1-18.5 18.5-24,9 25.0-29.9 >30.0 Today, the average woman has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 26 - 28, whereas models range from 15 -16, which is dangerously underweight. Celebrities are slightly better with an average of 17- 20, a borderline healthy BMI. 1900 The Gibson Girl 1910 The ideal female form is depicted as a tall and slender woman. She has a voluptuous bust and wide hips, exaggerated by way of corseting. 1920s Flapper The female form changed in this decade from exaggeratedly feminine to exaggeratedly boyish. Androgyny is the look of the day, short hair, bras tightened to flatten girls chests, dieting and exercise. 1930s Fashion in Wartime 1940s Short hair remained but skirts became longer and showed off natural waists without corsets. Emphasised shoulder width was common with a trend towards practicality lead by war rationing, un-elaborate jackets and simple blouses. 1950s Post-War The hourglass figure returned and women aimed to become more feminine and curvy. With an end to rationing, women were able to get the glamour model look. Taking full advantage of the latest beauty products, women of this era never left home without looking perfect. The Sexual Revolution 1960s The sexual revolution brought back two separate trends. The start of the 60s the super skinny look; the thin androgyny of the flapper returned with an almost pre-pubescent appearance. The end of the 60s however brought back the fuller figured woman with the long straight hair of the Hippy era. 1970s Thin is In Thin won out and the 70s were the start of the dangerous slimming culture. This impacted women's health with a rise in cases of anorexia nervosa. Diet pills and potentially dangerous amphetamines, used to suppress appetite, became part of a girl's routine. Long hair became common and minimal make-up made for a natural look. Supermodels and Hardbodies 1980s Fitness reigned in the 80s: women preferred a toned rather than muscular body and aerobic exercise was part of a woman's daily life. Women need to be slender, toned and tall. Heroin Chic and Baywatch 1990s The ideal female figure became even more exaggerated in TV and film. Models became more and more waif like and moved from slender to boney. Women needed to have both large breasts and a small athletic figure or be suffering from anorexia to be accepted in this decade. Size Zero 2000s The situation became even more dire with models becoming even thinner and anorexia, again, reared its ugly head. And yet, most models are not classed as clinically underweight. BMI: Average Woman vs Celebrity 1930s Fashion in Wartime 1940s Average BMI Lena Horne - 20.3 23.6 Barbara Stanwyck-18.5 Post-War 1950s Average BMI Shirley MacLaine - 18.8 23.6 Elizabeth Taylor - 20.5 1960s The Sexual Revolution Average BMI Jessica Lange - 20.4 25.2 Soledad Miranda - 17.6 Thin is In 1970s Average BMI Joni Mitchell - 20.5 24.9 Morgan Fairchild - 18.0 1980s Supermodels and Hardbodies Average BMI Cindy Crawford- 19.0 25.0 Cheryl Tiegs- 17.6 Heroin Chic and Baywatch 1990s Calista Flockhart - 15.6 Average BMI 26.3 Kate Moss - 16.0 Tyra Banks - 14.6 2000s Size Zero sept 10 Average BMI Natalie Portman - 19.5 27.5 Keira Knightley - 17.2 New Feminism 2013 Average BMI Beyonce - 21.0 28.7 iHe Miley Cyrus - 18.4 Sources -body-shapes-change-age.html jpg Stanwyck_in_The_Man_with_a_C loak trailer_2.jpg arry_trailer.jpg Opx-Taylor%2C_Elizabeth_posed.jpg irchild.jpg htley_2005.jpg vo:Natalie_Portman_at_TIFF_2009.jpg (3)_crop.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Beyonce_Montreal_2013 (3)_crop.jpg spy8uoo1 400.jpg Elanic Health Beauty Aesthetics BY NO ND

The BMI of Real women vs Celebrities

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This infographic looks through the ages at what society has deemed to be the perfect female body and also shows how this concept has changed the actual shape of real women. It holds some shocking sta...




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