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Blood Donation Myths

MYTHS ABOUT BLOOD DONATION Someone else will donate all the blood that's needed Although approximately 60% of our population qualifies to donate blood, less than 5% actually do so. Some places have shortage of blood for nearly 3 years now. I could be infected whilst giving blood There is a clear procedure for taking blood from each donor – using sterile equipment and sterile latex gloves that are disposed off immediately single use. At no time will a donor comes in contact with any piece of equipment or material that has had contact with someone else's blood or body fluids. Too much of my blood will be taken 450-470ml of blood is taken at one session, which is just less than a pint. Not the | armful which is commonly believed. How much is that from 5.6 litres that we already have? Moreover the body replenishes it within a week or 2. I'm too old; I'm too young There is no an upper age limit for donation. So long as you above 17 years of age, and you are healthy and weigh at least 110 pounds (50kgs), you can safely donate blood. My blood group is too common That's right, common the blood group, more of it is required. Blood requirement wouldn't pick and choose, therefore, the common your blood group, more people are going to need it. I am taking medication which means I can't donate Depending on what medication you're on, you may be asked to wait for some time before donating, though in many cases it won't prevent you from donating at all. As long as you are healthy and the condition is under control, you will very likely be able to donate. Infographic design by

Blood Donation Myths

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Donating blood as critical as it is in saving the lives of so many who depend on it has always been linked to certain beliefs and myths which hold back so many from doing so. Here’s the truth behind...


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