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Best Herbal Cure For Diabetes

Diabetes 5.3 % of women have diabetes, 6.3 % of men have diabetes 2.9M people in the UK have diabetes. Around 850,000 patients do not know they have this condition Туре I Key facts By 2025 the number of people with diabetes is predicted to Occurs at childhood or younger age, - There is complete lack of insulin hormone - It has nothing to do with lifestyle or weight - May be triggered by virus or infection - Accounts for 10 % of adults with diabetes in UK -It mandate external adminstration of the hormone regularly as treatment - reach 5M Туре II Key facts - Occurs when the pancreas produces insufflcient insulin to maintain a good glucose level - Obesity can contribute to type 2 diabetes - Often develops in people over the age of 40 - Accounts for 90 % of adults with diabetes in UK Туре | Турe II -Thirst/ Dry mouth -Often has no symptoms at all -Frequent Urination -Weight Loss -Fatigue -Blurred Vision -Thirst / Dry Mouth -Frequent Urination -Leg Pain -Blurred Vision World % of Obesity Myths USA 34% MEXICO 29.5% NEW ZEALAND 26.5% Diabetes is not a serious disease. It won't kill. CHILE 25.5% AUSTRALIA 25% UNITED KINGDOM 24.5% CANADA 24% Diabetics should eat special diabetic foods. IRELAND 23% GREECE 18.5% SPAIN 17.5% GERMANY 16% People with diabetes cannot eat sugar at all. PORTUGAL 15.5% ISRAEL 13.5% FRANCE 11.5% ITALY 10% JAPAN 3% Reduce Your Risk Of Type II Diabetes DIABETES Actually diabetes can lead to amputation, kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases and various other ailments 80 % of people with diabetes die from coronary disease Carb counting is the best way to understand how What you eat is important. But so is how carbohydrates affect you blood sugar level. Use food labels saturated fats. They do not offer and scales to you eat. Avoid frying your food and use other methods, such as steaming or baking instead. Obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are triggers for diabetes. Keeping your weight The truth is, diabetic food often contains high-calorie and measure the amount of any benefit. A low- carbohydrate, high-fibre diet is much more important. under control can reduce diabetes risk. carbohydrate contained in your food. Sugar is an important component of a healthy diet. There's no need to eliminate it entirely. But it shouldn't make up more than 10 % of your energy intake. That's about 7gm for men and 5gm for women per day !!!! Special Thanks Sources Dr. VIKRAM CHAUHAN (BAMS, MD) 20, 21

Best Herbal Cure For Diabetes

shared by sunilkumar on May 29
Diabetes herbal remedies act wonderfully to decreases the blood sugar level naturally and also improve functions of pancreas successfully


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