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The best fitness apps you may never have heard of!

00 TMobile 135 AM Motion Partnen apps THE BEST FITNESS APPS Tap to finish 13 YOU MAY NEVER HAVE HEARD OF! Min. Done We all know about My Fitness Pal and Runkeeper, but what are the lesser known apps that can help you keep healthy? Whether you're trying to lose weight, or walk more steps in a day, our The best fitness apps you may never have heard of!' has the app for you! PHOTO? HEARTRATE? * PRICE * X ARGUS ATAT 1023 PM 53 FREE MOTION TRACKING 2GLASSES Now supporting iPhone 5S with M7 TEPS WATER 192,16 68 BPM Argus tracks your activity directly through your iPhone rather than via a separately purchased LOW device. As long as you carry your phone all day long, Argus will watch your movements. 8 81'F 05:35% IN ST ll THURSAAY SEP 12 2272 8330 OW 3 DISTANCE THURSDAY 3.46 mi 195.4b Available on 2210 TEPS You can also log workouts and keep an eye on how much water you drink. BONUS 2210 * PRICE * Searching 10:04 PM 25% $3.99 ZOMBIES, RUN! 3 Zombies, Run! is an audio adventure and game rolled into a running workout. You listen to a story through your earbuds about zombies-which may be right on your tail!-and keep running to complete missions as they come up in the story. SOX TO START A NAOM ALDERMAN The app aims to motivate you to move rather than let you spend your time wading through data about your runs. BONUS Available on endomondo PRICE FREE to $4.99 for Pro endomondo , - 4) LEEE O DURATION 0:23:31 O DISTANCE OAVG. PACE 2.80 mes 8:07, Endomondo uses GPS features on your phones to track running, cycling, jogging, skating or any sport that you can measure by distance, and allows you to share your activity with a community to boost motivation. RUNNING BASIC WORKOUT II * GPS OK It can connect to other fitness-tracking devices, such as Garmin sports watches. (BONUS Available on РАСТ * PRICE * Yifan Zhang 459 $45.43 FREE (wagering money is optional but the basis of the app.) Total activities 4 days eS5.00 per missed day Pact is an app that you use to wager money on whether you'll go to the gym or complete a workout. The app verifies if you've hit your goals by making sure you check in to your gym. 4 daysS5.00 per missed day 000 Earn cash for living healthy, paid by members who don't Available on If you reach or exceed your goals, you earn cash. If you don't, you have to pay up. BONUS GAIN FITNESS * PRICE * FREE additional exercise packs from $2.99 DIGITAL PERSONAL TRAINING GAIN Fitness is a workout coaching app and website that lets you set and schedule routines for exercising at the gym, at home, or on the go. You can set your workouts to use equipment, like weights and stretching bands, or not. GAINFITNESS. Available on GAIN Fitness plays video and audio as you work out, counting you through reps as you go. BONUS SWÖRKIT * PRICE* AAT 99c SWORKIT ȘTRENGTH CARDIO The Sworkit Pro app is a great circuit-training app for anyone who wants a lightweight and simple app that lets you customize and save workouts. Included exercises touch on cardio, strengthening (weights and bodyweight), and stretching, giving you a full range of activity. YOGA STRETCHING PLANK Available on SPIDERMAN You can create different workouts by that target various areas of the body, and specify the length of time you want to exercise. BONUS * THE Johnson-Johuson OFFICIAL * PRICE * 9:41 AM FREE THE Johnron-fohmon OrnICAL The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App helps you squeeze some exercise into your day. All you need is a chair and seven minutes-or about 11 minutes 7 MINUTE WORKOUT if you add a warm-up and cool down. Available on The app coaches you through each move as it comes up in the workout so is a great app for people of all ability levels. BONUS MMoves * PRICE * 9:54 PM 1 100% FREE Today Walk Cycle Moves can automatically tell if you are walking, running, cycling, and sitting in a moving vehicle. The app lets you track your daily activities without buying an expensive fitness tracker. 39 9,362 Run steps 0.3 Home Available on Moves shows you a timeline of your day and how much time you spent doing different BONUS activities. www PRICE runtastic makes sports funtastic VAS 11:50 FREE, pro version is $4.99 runtastic makes sperts funtostie Sign in with Google Sign in with Facebook Runtastic Pro lets you measure and track your runs, walks, and other exercises, but it also doubles as a coaching app to motivate you to keep working toward your goals. Log in Joio pow The paid version has additional coaching features, voice feedback, and music player integration. (BONUS Available on * PRICE* THE THE WALK WALK FREE K Select Mission The Wild Hunt The Walk uses audio storytelling to add some adventure to your walking workouts. As you walk, you listen to a story and are tasked with completing different missions. A EPISODE 8 Trapped. There must be some way out. There's always a way out. But can you find it in time? View 101 Available on Workout your mind along with your body by listening to an interesting story. BONUS SUPPLEMENT MART -TRAIN LIKE YOU MEAN IT- REFERENCES

The best fitness apps you may never have heard of!

shared by michaelkidd on Mar 04
Some apps dominate the Health & Fitness sector like MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper, but there are a huge volume of interesting and excellent fitness apps flying just below the radar. From tracking your ev...



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