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Best Fat Burning Fats 10 BEST FAT BURNING FOODS Low calorie foods that help you to lose weight Diet and Calorie Count Statistics: Calorie is an approximate amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one gram water by one degree Celsius. There are no negative calorie foods, all foods have calorie. But once consumed, their overall on your body is that of negative calorie, or a negative calorie effect. TOP FOODS TO BURN YOUR EXCESS FAT Oranges It helps in fat burning Yogurt High in protein www.conserhealthdieom Berries They are high in nutrients including antioxidants Broccoli It boosts great deal of fiber and other benefits. www. com www.o Green Tea Green Tea contains anti-oxidant EGCG which burn calories. Salmon Packed with good fats, which helps to reduce weight Garlic and Onions Minerals and oils inside garlic and onion help to break down fat and Lean Chicken Versatile, testy and high in protein. increase the metabolism. Whole Wheat Bread It provides high nutritional benefits and makes a satisfying Brown Rice low GI breakfast. Drink plenty of water, when you have brown rice in your diet. 10 om www.constor WHAT KIND OF FOODS TO AVOID www.consvme eeatha www.consumevieen com www.sumerheatha Bread and Pastas Breads and pastas made with white flour. Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Calorie content of ice cream is too high due to presence of high suger content. Calorie content of ice cream is too high due to presence of high suger content. alth www.cO All desserts Desserts tends to contain high amount of unhealthy fat. Fried foods www.consumena hai Fried foods clog arteries and lean to stokes and alzheimer's. Potato Chips Avoid eating potato chips to keep your dietary fat level at 15 %. pesz dhbna steom www.cons Pies A baked dish that contains high amount'WW. of sweet and savory ingredients. haalthdices& com Corn syrup Contributes to fat deposits on your liver, leads to plaque buildup and results in the narrowing of blood vessels. Buttered Popcorn It eventually detroits bronchioles in the lungs to lead bronchiolitis obliterans. Som ConsumerHealthDigest Alcohol Your Trusted Source For Good Health Alcohol can slow your metabolism by 37%.

Best Fat Burning Fats

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In order to lose weight, one must engage in a healthy diet and must eat less-calorie foods. The following are nutritious foods that you must consume as they help you shed some inches in your waist.


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