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The Best Birth Control You've Never Heard Of

THE BEST BIRTH CONTROL YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THERE ARE ABOUT 6 DAYS in each menstrual cycle in which SEX may result in PREGNANCY The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) allows you to avoid pregnancy by identifying when to abstain or use protection and when it's safe to go natural. Your safe days are identified by observing two daily fertility signs: Basal Body Temperature Cervical Fluid WHY FAM? of women who stop using 63.7% the pill do so because of UNWANTED SIDE EFFECTS WEIGHT GAIN HEADACHES LOW LIBIDO MOODINESS BLOOD CLOTS FAM BENEFITS 99.6% IT'S EFFECTIVE Women want their birth control perfect use efficacy method to be: EFFECTIVE V SIDE EFFECT FREE IT'S NATURAL V REVERSIBLE $$$ IT'S INEXPENSIVE The Fertility Awareness Method meets all the criteria in addition to being IT'S EMPOWERING HORMONE FREE NATURAL HEALTH INSIGHTS BODY LITERACY WORK Know your body like the back of your hand. FAM gives you the tools and power to take control of your fertility. TOGETHER Share birth control INTIMACY Enjoy unprotected Your cycle is a key indicator of your hormonal health. responsibility with your partner. sex without fear of pregnancy. IT'S EASY 03 FAM TAKES MINUTES LESS THAN A DAY WHY DON'T MORE WOMEN USE FAM? PREOCCUPIED UNINFORMED FAM MISINFORMED TAKES TIME to learn and put into practice. On average, Primary Care Physicians spend The Fertility Awareness Method is 13-16 MINUTES with each patient. NOT THE RHYTHM METHOD FAM uses your daily fertility signs to determine if you're fertile each day. UNAWARE In med school, most doctors take only ONE CLASS on birth control. Although FAM is a proven method, IT'S NEW to many people. Used correctly, FAM IS 99.6% EFFECTIVE (same as the pill) LEARN MORE ASK SEARCH DOWNLOAD Ask your doctor about FAM. Find a FAM Specialist in your area. Practice FAM with an app. SOURCES Frank-Hermann, P., Heil, J., Gnoth, C., Toledo, E., Baur, S., Pyper, C., et al. (2007). The effectiveness of a fertility awareness based method to avoid pregnancy in relation to a couple's sexual behaviour during the fertile time: A prospective longitudinal study. Human Reproduction, 1310-1319. Mosher, W., & Jones, J. (2010). Use of contraception in the United States: 1982-2008. Vital Health Statistics, 23(29), 1-46. Crane, M. (2013). Physician Earnings: Income Is Up, Morale Is Split. 4 Weschler, T. (2006). Taking charge of your fertility: The definitive guide to natural birth control, pregnancy achievement, and reproductive health (Rev. ed.). New York, NY: HarperCollins. Kindara Inc. 2011. Contraception Survey. Kindara Inc. 2015. Contraception Survey. 8 KINDARA #KNOWYOUROPTIONS UNFAMILIAR

The Best Birth Control You've Never Heard Of

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Only 11.4% of women have heard of this form of birth control that is 99.6% effective. The Fertility Awareness Method allows women to track their fertility signs in order to avoid pregnancy naturally, ...





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