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Benzodiazepines: What are Benzos, Effects and Usage?

BENZODIAZEPINES Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs used to treat both mental and physical conditions. Many people have taken them for anxiety, either in everyday life or in hospital situations. But benzos are also abused and can be addictive. WHAT ARE BENZOS? Anti-anxiety prescription drugs used to treat: Anxiety and panic attacks Sedation before surgery or procedure Seizures Muscle relaxation Insomnia Alcohol withdrawal General anesthesia Nausea and vomiting Depression How Do Benzos Work? Benzos work on the receptors for the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. GABA slows or calms down the activity of nerves in the brain. Neuron Many benzos are used interchangeably, but vary based on how quickly they take effect. GABA receptor Benzodiazepines Common Benzos and Uses Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Klonopin Ativan, Valium Anxiety disorders Anesthesia Klonopin, Tranxene, Valium Valium Seizures Muscle relaxation Seizures AMuscle Relaxation Doral, Restoril, Halcion Librium Insomnia Alcohol withdrawal Anesthesia Dangerous Combinations Benzos that are safe when taken as prescribed can be deadly when mixed: Slows or Slows or Stops Breathing Stops Heartbeat Liver Problems Kidney Problems Benzos + Alcohol Benzos + Alcohol Benzos + Muscle Benzos + Muscle relaxants relaxants Benzos + Opioids Benzos + Muscle Coma relaxants Benzos + Alcohol Benzos + Stimulants Death RIP Benzos + Alcohol Benzos + Opioids Benzos + Muscle relaxants Benzos + Stimulants Benzo Abuse and Treatment 3.2% 95% EOpiates treatment admissions were of benzo-related admissions benzo-related in 2008 involved another substance All ages 54.2% Age 45+ Benzos + alcohol Teens Benzos + marijuana or opiates involved benzos + opiates Effects of Benzos on Driving Decreases Reaction Time Judgment Cognitive Ability Alertness Decision-Making Skills Increases Tiredness Attention Span Hand-eye Coordination and Sluggishness Benzos & Pregnancy Benzo Withdrawal Benzos should be tapered off slowly. Stopping benzos abruptly, even when taken as prescribed, can cause withdrawal symptoms. Drug passes through placenta or in breast milk Agitation Insomnia Seizures Vomiting SeizureŇ° Muscle cramps Vomiting Causes dependency, withdrawal and Agitations possibly death in fetus Treatment for Benzo Addiction Detox (Do NOT stop taking benzos abruptly) Addiction rehab Aftercare treatment Sources OverdosePreventionPublicSafetyandLawEnforcement.pdf Page 13 http://www.samhsa. gov/newsroom/advisories/1106082530.aspx IM LAKEVIEW HEALTH SYSTEMS Insomnia Alcoho Anxiety Disorders SAlcohol Withdrawal Insomnia

Benzodiazepines: What are Benzos, Effects and Usage?

shared by Jason-Steele on Jul 16
Benzodiazepines, commonly called benzos, are used to treat a wide range of conditions ranging from anxiety to alcohol withdrawal. Although these drugs help a lot of people, they cause harm and even de...


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