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Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

Benefits Of E-Cigarettes A healthy alternative for your intolerable craving. 1. Freedom To Smoke FREEDOM E-Cigs emits vapor instead of tar, ash and smoke, hence you can use them in many places where tobacco smoking is not allowed. 2. Pocket-Friendly E-Cigs are much more cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Smoking traditional cigarettes can cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Switch to e-cigs and you can save up to 50% of your funds. 3. Wide-Range of Flavors Traditional cigarettes are limited to menthol and tobacco flavor. Electronic cigarette flavors are more like ordering cocktails at your favorite bar-Piña Colada, Peach Schnapps, Cherry Crush . and the list goes on and on. 4. Keep smelling fresh Everyone knows how much it stinks standing next to a smoker. With E-Cigarettes, give yourself a fresh twist while you exhale vapor and feel satisfied instead of feeling smoked-out and smelly. 5. Freedom from Tar & Carbon Monoxide Unlike Traditional cigarettes, E-cigarettes do not contain any tar or carbon monoxide. Normal tobacco cigarettes have over 4,000 harmful poisons that are not found in electronic No tar No flame cigarettes. No pollution No carbon monoxide 6. Detoxify your body Many e-cigarette users feel better because their body is not getting the toxins, tar and other poisons traditional cigarettes contain. Your body will notice the relief of cutting out all of those added poisons. DETG. VAPING ZONE Vape, Don't Smoke! Source: igarettes Disclaimer: All data & images are based on the best we could find at the time. We expressly disclaim any liability for any omissions of information or errors in fact.

Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes

shared by VapingZone on Nov 13
With electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, you get benefits that tobacco-smoking doesn't offer. The consensus among experts is that switching to e-cigarettes has significant health benefits for smokers. R...


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