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Being Supportive Of Your Partner During Rehab Infographic

Being Supportive Of Your Partner During Rehab Ntographic All of the struggles you've endured have now culminated in a definitive and necessary next step: your partner is going to Rehab. The hellish days seemed never to end and the fights drifted on in your mind, melding into one another as one large and everlasting conflict. And now you're seeing your mate off to rehab and the thoughts that fill your mind are far from few. Questions From A Nervous Heart Will he get through it? Having doubts is perfectly normal in such a situation. Does he even want to be there? You'll worry about your loved one and his sobriety. How long before I can expect a relapse? What can be said is that: LYou Are Not Alone What can I do? Although it may feel as if your life and that which you have experienced with your partner is rare and therefore tough to cope with socially, the fact is, there are many individuals struggling with drug addiction with many men and women in relationships with them struggling alongside. Knowing that you're not alone and that there are easier ways for you to maintain your own life while you are still a part of theirs is rather important. # 1 You Can 232 ADDICTION You can be your partner's spotter as he deals with all this weight. You don't want to be his only source of support, but being his second set of eyes and ears can go quite far. If you want for him to continue in his success, you may need to change some things in your own life. Helping from your end isn't over right after rehab. Just as you've woried so many times before, there may be times that your partner has trouble following closely to his new life plan. Don't panic. Reminding your partner of the future, making sure he is taking medication and attending any therapy sessions, or contacting one of his therapists or doctors are steps in helping keep him on track. 1our Relationship Does Matter Sticking with your partner through many nightmarish moments means that you care very much for him, despite all that you've endured. As he begins to get healthier and finds purpose in his life again, he will be able to see you and the relationship he has with you as another reason to stay the As your partner heals, relationship and your partner will-through newly opened eyes-know that in being sober, he has you, and that in having you, he remains sober. Cou will your Rehab can help your partner aNd your Relationship, but KNow that if you ever "Need more help, you caN always coNtact Rehabcenternet

Being Supportive Of Your Partner During Rehab Infographic

shared by rehabcenter on Dec 02
All of the struggles you’ve endured have now culminated in a definitive and—without a doubt—necessary next step: your partner is going to rehab.


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