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Behind Closed Cubicles: The Truth About Our Workplace Washrooms

BEHIND CLOSED CUBIOLES THE TRUTH ABOUT OUR WORKPLACE WASHROOMS HYGIENE STANDARDS ARE GENERALLY HIGH IN GREAT BRITAIN Less than 1 in 5 people say they are "always' or 'often' concerned about becoming ill due to poor hygiene. However, more than a third would like to raise the hygiene standards of public toilets in order to improve peoples' health. MORE IMPORTANTLY. 40% of Brits wish that their employer would pay more attention to the cleanliness of their workplace washroom. 19% said they were 'dissatisfied' with the state of their workplace washrooms. 21% would prefer to never use them at all. BUT WHAT REALLY GOES ON IN OUR WORKPLACE WASHROOMS? 81% 46% 81% of people use the washroom in order to use the toilet. 46% use it to wash or freshen up. BUT PEOPLE HAVE ADMITTED TO LESS TYAICAL USES FOR THE WORKPLACE WASHROOM Work on their laptop C Eat in the (ew washroom magazines or books Rehearse a sthe washroom a presentation there for exercisine THE WASHROOM CAN ACTUALLY BE A PLACE FOR SOCIALISING, WITH 24% 19% 10% Using it to tal Visiting to send tavt messages the phone a private face to-tace c BUT IT'S ALSO A PLACE FOR MUCH NEEDED SOUITUDE, AS 15% 11% a little alon for washroom ake a breakto release to when they need to WOMEN AND WORKPLACE WASHROOMS According to SCA's findings, employers should be paying special attention to women's washrooms. This is because: 10% British people believe that women are affected more by IL || | poor standards of hygiene. .and more than half of all women have avoided using a shared toilet due to concerns about its hygiene. WHAT'S MORE. Nearly half of British women admit to feeling 'very uncomfortable' or 'uncomfortable' during their period .and 28% of all women most often use the washroom to change panty liners, tampons and other sanitary products - so make sure you're providing appropriate bins for their disposal! BUNZL Source: SCA 'Hygiene Matters' Survey 2014. Total of 13,492 respondents from 13 countries cleaning & hygiene supplies on the loo Head to the toilet to take a nap Go to read Heading there

Behind Closed Cubicles: The Truth About Our Workplace Washrooms

shared by lisamichele21 on Aug 10
If you thought that your workplace washrooms were used for nothing more than, well, the most obvious reasons, then prepare to be surprised. The infographic throws open the (cubicle) doors and sheds li...


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